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Beer Glasses: Sophisticated and Elegant Style

Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Its variety, flavor and color capture the attention of thousands of people who are attracted by its freshness. But, although it is usually served in a glass, there are beer glasses that allow you to enjoy all its expressive gala, its organoleptic qualities are intensified and manages to give it a sophisticated touch that many people love. Beer glasses manage to give an elegant and modern touch to your sparkling beverages, which is why it is common to see that some people prefer to drink a good blonde in a surprising glass.

what are beer glasses?

Beers today have great diversity, from blond to black we can find almost one for every taste, which is why it has evolved on the subject and have emerged beer glasses that allow widely enjoy their qualities.

Types of beer glasses

There are those who prefer to serve and drink a beer from a glass, and it is that it allows to enjoy the full expression of a drink that refreshes the palate and is usually to everyone’s liking. Among the main beer glasses we can mention the following:

Flute Glass

It is a beer glass designed to drink fruity beers with high carbonation, which is why it has a high and narrow body that prevents this carbonation from dissipating quickly, so it maintains a good retention of foam, and also allows you to enjoy its aromas in depth. Recommended beers to drink with this glass:

  • American Wild Ale
  • Dortmunder
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Eisbock
  • Flanders Red Ale
  • Gueuze
  • Lambic

Tulip glass

This type of glass is usually wide at the bottom and narrower at the neck, and then opens up a little at the top. This facilitates retention, favoring the concentration of flavors and the best thing is that the liquid takes a long time to heat up. Recommended beers to drink with this glass:

  • Imperial IPA
  • Belgian Strong
  • Saison
  • Belgian Ale
  • Forgein Stout
  • American Pale Ale

Snifter Glass

These beer glasses are specifically designed to increase the heat transfer of the hands and to reach the ideal temperature to drink our beer, it is characterized by having a wide and rounded bottom surface. The upper part of the Snifter is narrower and inward, which allows to capture and enhance the aroma of the beer. Recommended beers to drink with this glass:

  • American Strong Ale
  • Sour Red Stout
  • Imperial Stout
  • Belgian Beers
  • Doopebock

Chalice Glass

It is a glass designed for those heavy beers and malty style, its wide mouth with thick walls and solid base allow you to display the aromas of the beers in addition to showing its splendor in terms of colors. Recommended beers to drink with this glass:

  • Bock
  • Dubbel
  • Tripel
  • Maibock
  • Imperial IPA
  • Imperial Stout

Teku glass

These glasses are a sort of angular hybrid between a tulip glass and a wine glass, and were designed to enhance the organoleptic qualities of beer regardless of its style. It has a tall, thin stem that opens in a slender shape with a remarkable opening that allows us to capture the nuances of our beer much better in addition to retaining foam in a perfect way. Recommended beers to drink with this glass:

  • Barley Wine
  • Black IPA
  • Eisbock
  • Saison
  • Belgian Ale
  • Double IPA
  • Porter

IPA glass

This glass, as its name suggests, has been designed to taste and fully enjoy our favorite IPA, it has a concave top that allows to capture the aromas, a stylized body that allows to prolong the ideal temperature of the beer for a longer time.

how do you hold a beer glass?

The beer glass allows us to fully enjoy the qualities of each one of them, and we can appreciate from its color range to its perfect foam that combines with its aromas to make more than one delirious. The correct way to drink a glass of beer is between the lower end of the calyx and the stem of the same, although the Snifter glass allows to hold it by the body without any problem since the body heat allows to maintain the proper temperature of our beer.

what is the capacity of beer glasses?

As we know, there are several types of beer glasses, they can vary in terms of capacity, so we can find that a chalice style glass can range from 25 cl to 241 cl, depending on the brand. We can also find tulip glasses that can range from 20 cl to 40 cl, however, in general, beer glasses usually have a capacity of 20 cl to 60 cl, which allows us to taste our favorite beer.

Uses of beer glasses

Beer glasses have the particularity of being designed to drink specific beers in them, that is why we will tell you what is the use of each of them. Flute Glass It is a glass that gets the best out of fruity beers with high carbonation and which we want to keep its foam as long as possible, which is why beers such as Faro, Fruit, Gueuze, Kriek and Pilsner are perfectly tasted with it.

Tulipa Glass This glass allows you to enjoy sparkling beers in a calm way, which is why tasting a Belgian Ale, Abbey Dubbel, American Pale Ale, Foreign Stout, Gueuze and Saison is a delight that will envelop your palate.

Snifter Cup This type of glass is suitable for drinking those strong and full-bodied beers, so those with more than 8% alcohol such as an English Barleywine, Old Ale or Russian Imperial Stout will taste perfectly and allow us to enjoy all its splendor.

Chalice Glass This type of glass is used to drink intense and aromatic beers, so Trappist, Abbey and Belgian Ale beers can be fully tasted and all their qualities appreciated.

Teku Cup The Teku glass is used to enjoy the sensory potential of each of the beers, its shape allows to enhance the organoleptic qualities of them so a Wheat Ale, Belgian Ale or Porter will be widely enjoyed. IPA Cup Specially designed to enjoy an IPA in all its splendor, as it is a beer with unique characteristics that should be appreciated little by little.

+5 Beer Glasses you can’t miss out on

Beer glasses are created to allow greater enjoyment of this delicious bubbly liquid that refreshes everyone who tastes it, which is why we have selected some glasses that you can not miss.

Teku 3.0 Glass

A set of 6 transparent glasses for beer tasting, its elegant and tall style allows you to enjoy all the splendor of color, foam and bubbles that this delicious liquor has. Features of the Teku 3.0 Glass

  • Brewed from glass
  • Angled bowl that captures the aromas that will envelop the palate
  • 42 cl capacity
  • Strong and durable

You can buy here

Stolzle Lausitz Flute Glasses

A set of 6 flute style glasses ideal for drinking a beer with a lot of carbonation, its height, classic and elegant style will make the moment something unique and fascinating. Features of the Stolzle Lausitz flute glass

  • Made with silver-plated glass
  • 240 ml capacity
  • Allows to savor and enjoy the aroma of the beer
  • Strong and durable

You can buy here

Bormioli Rocco tulip glass

A set of 6 glasses designed to thoroughly enjoy a beer, and its style allows you to get all the aromas that can have our beer, which makes it a sensory experience. Features of the Tulipa Bormioli Rocco glass

  • Made of resistant glass
  • Easy to wash
  • Transparency that allows you to observe the colors of the beer and the density of its foam
  • Opening that allows you to enjoy the aromatic gala of the beer

You can buy here

Libbey Snifter Glass

A set of 4 snifter style glasses that will make your beer a fascinating and unique experience. Its transparent shape shows the organoleptic qualities of the beer you choose. Features of the Libbey Snifter Glass

  • Made of glass
  • Brewed in Europe with fine techniques
  • Capacity of 45 cl
  • Ideal as a gift for beer lovers

You can buy here

Chimay Goblet Glass

A set of 3 Chalice style glasses that will allow you to enjoy your complex and very aromatic beers, its style will also get your attention. Characteristics of the Chimay Chalice glass

  • Made of glass
  • Capacity of 33 cl
  • Ideal for drinking Belgian style beers
  • Resistant and easy to wash

You can buy here

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