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Wine Glasses and Crystal Glasses (Types and more)

Wine glasses allow each of these exquisite wines to express themselves openly and show their full potential, organoleptic qualities and splendor. Wine glasses vary according to the type of wine, and for each wine there is a specific glass, so serving, for example, a sparkling wine in a red wine glass is a complete mistake. Join us to discover more about wine glasses and why they have specific qualities. what are wine glasses? Wine glasses… Wine Glasses and Crystal Glasses (Types and more)

Water glass: The one that rules the table

Glasses are always an indication that reflect what is going to be consumed during a meal, and they are placed on the table in order according to what is going to be served and of course the water glass is always part of this display of glassware. The water glass is of great importance and it is usually the largest one on the table because we all always drink water between meals and it is… Water glass: The one that rules the table

Martini Glass: Style that lasts over time

The glassware in the world of cocktails is important and each cocktail must be served in its own glass and the Martini does not escape this unbreakable rule that allows you to enjoy all the qualities of the different types of liquor. The Martini glass has special features that allow, among other things, to see the contents of the glass and to carry drinks full of flavor from the table to the palate in an… Martini Glass: Style that lasts over time

Glass of Cava: To enjoy the exquisite

Cava is a drink linked to Christmas festivities, although little by little this trend has been evolving and cava has become the ideal companion when celebrating great moments in our lives. But in order to serve it properly and let it express itself correctly, it is necessary to serve it in a cava glass, which will allow us to really enjoy this fascinating and elegant alcoholic beverage that is gaining more and more followers every… Glass of Cava: To enjoy the exquisite

Champagne Glasses: Elegance to Celebrate

Champagne is one of the most sophisticated and delicious beverages that usually accompanies the great events of our lives. Its bubbly style and exquisite flavor envelopes everyone who has the privilege of drinking it. But drinking this great drink has its methodology, and is that the champagne glasses keep in itself a whole wake that allows to taste its great potential and all its expressiveness in the right way. Join us to discover everything about… Champagne Glasses: Elegance to Celebrate