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Ratafia: Aromatic liqueur of Mediterranean origin

do you like ratafia and want to know more about it? Although some people are unaware of the existence of this liqueur, many are those who opt for it when it comes to brighten up their palate. Ratafia is a liqueur that identifies the Catalan culture, and not only can we find it in this beautiful city, it is also part of the different regions of the Mediterranean, especially Spain, France and Italy. what is… Ratafia: Aromatic liqueur of Mediterranean origin

Pelin: Old liquor from Eastern Europe

do you want to know what a Pelin is? There is a drink called Pelinkovac, also known as pelin, which is the oldest and most famous Croatian herbal liqueur, its consumption and sale certify it. Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Slovenia are the main countries that make Pelin their favorite drink. what is Pelin? Pelin is a bitter liqueur based on wormwood, it is complex and bittersweet, with an alcohol content… Pelin: Old liquor from Eastern Europe

Punsch: A drink of Swedish origin that will captivate you!

do you want to know the Punsch? Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, which has an interesting gastronomic variety within which its alcoholic beverages stand out. Punsch is a Swedish liquor that has a high degree of importance within the culture of this beautiful European nation and, although we may not know much about it, it holds a point of great importance for the Swedes. what is Punsch? Punsch, a liqueur of Swedish… Punsch: A drink of Swedish origin that will captivate you!

Chichón A digestive par excellence!

do you know the Chinchón? Spain is a country that has always stood out thanks to its culinary quality, its drinks, among which the chinchón stands out, do not escape this diversity that catches palates thanks to its quality and flavor. Chinchón is part of the preferences when it comes to enjoy a good liquor, its aniseed flavor gives it the perfect point to be a delicate digestive, so it is very common to taste… Chichón A digestive par excellence!

Becherovka: Herbal liqueur with secret recipe

do you want to know the Becherovka? The Czech Republic is among the countries with the highest alcohol consumption in the world. Beer has a reserved place within the Czech preferences, however, other alcoholic beverages are also placed within the preferences. Becherovka is one of those alcoholic beverages that Czechs look for when it comes to enjoyment, a bitter-tasting herbal elixir that has always been very well received, making it a favorite even over vodka,… Becherovka: Herbal liqueur with secret recipe