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+8 Irish beers that surprise the world

have you ever tasted an Irish Beer? Ireland is a country that has a great culture around the consumption of beer, and for them it is one of their greatest hobbies, so it is very common to enjoy a good beer in any Irish pub.

Although the most famous is the Guinness stout, which has also crossed borders, the Irish have a great variety that has little to envy to others, as they are of very good quality and excellent taste, so black, roasted and blonde make Ireland a perfect land to enjoy and refresh.

+8 Irish beers that will take your breath away

The Irish drink almost 90 liters of beer a year per person, which shows the importance of this fresh liquid that has so many followers. Their variety is quite large, so we will give you some names to keep in mind when enjoying an Irish beer.

1.- Murphy’s Irish Red Beer

It is an Irish red lager style beer which has been brewed since 1856 in Cork, its ingredients are exclusively barley malt, hops and water.

It has a beautiful reddish copper color very attractive due to its combination of pilsen malt with black malt, very thick creamy foam due to its nitrogen content.

Its light aroma is a very pleasant combination of toasted caramel and floral, while its well balanced roasted malt flavor with mild bitterness and sharp fruit flavors that are continuously maintained during the drink make it dry but at the same time light with a slightly smoky caramel finish very smooth and refreshing thanks to its alcohol content which is at 5%.

2.- Smithwick’s Beer

It is an Irish beer that enjoys good popularity which with its three styles Red Ale, Pale Ale and Blonde Ale manages to capture more attention every day.

Its Pale Ale is brewed with yellow hops, which gives it a fuller and fruitier flavor, with an intense golden color, and is one of the most requested beers in Irish pubs.

So if you are thinking of trying an Irish beer, you can take a chance that you will not regret it since you will enjoy and refresh yourself thanks to its alcoholic content of 4.5%.

3.- Killkeny Beer

Better known as the redhead of Ireland, this is a red ale beer brewed since 1710 with water, malted barley, roasted malted barley, hops and yeast.

It presents a not very intense red color accompanied by a thick white foam, its flavor is a little fruity although bitter, it is not a very strong beer, besides being a toasted beer with very little gas.

Its alcohol content of 4.3% makes it a delicious red beer that you should try sometime in your life.

4.- Guinness Beer

Talking about Irish beer is undoubtedly evoking the great Guinness, which is an institution in this fascinating country, and has managed to become over the years a distinctive feature of Ireland and beat most competing brands that have emerged.

The guinnes is a type of black Dry Stout beer famous for its characteristic roasted flavor and its special texture derived from the classic use of a non-fermented barley, its smoothness, its consistent foam and creamy texture make it a delight that melts your palate.

It has an alcohol content of 4.3% and should be served slightly chilled, with a brief stay in a refrigerator to bring it to the right temperature.

5.- O’ Hara’s Irish Pale Ale Beer

O’ Hara’s is a craft beer that presents a variety that can dazzle any palate, so if you like black, red or blonde beers, this is an excellent choice that will not disappoint you.

O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale is a top fermented beer, pale red in color with white, dense and creamy foam. It has an alcohol content of 5.2%, which makes it pleasant with a citric aroma.

On tasting, notes of fresh flowers, dried fruits, mint and orange peel stand out, which are supported by a delicious bitter touch that will surprise you.

6.- Harp Lager Beer

It is an Irish beer brewed by Guinnes in Great Northen Brewery in the city of Dundalk since 1960. It is a low fermentation beer created to satisfy and please the new public follower.

It is light blonde in color, bubbly, with lovely dense white foam. It has the characteristic bitter lager flavor very refreshing that gives the hops and the granulated malt with which it is made, has an alcohol content of 5% which makes it a perfect choice to enjoy.

7.- Porterhouse Yipi IPA Beer

Porterhouse is a very popular and well-known Irish craft brewery that has a wide range of beers capable of delighting any palate.

Its creation Yipi IPA is a juicy Irish beer full of citric hops. It features a thin layer of egg white foam, and a bright sugary pink color of tangerine and grapefruit hops, an attractive light caramel malt character.

It’s a bitter beer without being overpowering contrasted with a perfect sweetness that fills the palate with freshness thanks to the long, thin note of bittersweet orange marmalade that finishes tasting.

8.- Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale

It is a new style of beer brewed by Galwat Hooker to please the taste of everyone who wants to refresh, presents pale color, has flavor and aroma of hops and malt completely balanced with dry and crisp finish accompanied by a perfect foamy head that makes it very pleasant, besides being suitable to accompany grilled meats, seafood and mature farmhouse cheeses with which you will enjoy all its splendor thanks to its 4.3% alcohol content.

Origin and History of Irish beer

Historically, Ireland has always produced the so-called Ale, whose production does not require hops, an ingredient that is not native to the island and had to be imported from other lands.

During the 18th century hops were imported from England, however, and although it was not an ingredient that could be found within the country, about 600 thousand barrels were produced.

For this reason, the Irish Parliament encouraged the production of craft beer, arguing at the same time that beer was less harmful than whiskey. During the 19th century Ireland began to export its beer to England, exporting more than it imported in the previous decades, producing up to 689,796 barrels by 1901.

By the beginning of the 19th century there were more than 200 breweries in the country, of which 55 were located in Dublin.

Ireland has a long brewing tradition, which is why it is very common to find Ireland among the top 10 beer consumers in the world.

Its pubs, both inside and outside the country, exhibit the best of this delicious beverage recognized by the whole world thanks to its famous Guinness, which has gone around the world occupying the best positions thanks to its quality and its own flavor.

So if you want to try an Irish beer do not hesitate, they have a variety of blond, black and red beers that will make you sigh, filling the moment with freshness and charm.

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