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what are the types of beer that exist?

do you know how many types of beer there are? There are several types of beer, ranging from mild to intense, with sweet or bitter notes and particular colors that make them stand out according to the style used.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that has been part of mankind for years, and it is a non-distilled liquor that usually contains between 3% and 9% alcohol by volume.

It is made from barley or other cereals, fermented in water with yeast and flavored with hops or other plants. If you want to know more about it, we will tell you what are the types of beer there are and what are their characteristics so you can choose the one that best suits your palate and you can enjoy much more.

what are the types of beer?

Beers can be classified according to their appearance, ingredients used and fermentation. We will tell you which are the types of beers that exist so that you know what you are drinking when you taste a delicious beer.

Lager Beer

This is the most widespread and well-known type of beer in the world. It is made with pale malt, so its color is blond, it is of low fermentation, and its alcohol content is between 3.5% and 4%, which makes it a soft and fresh drink. Some of the best known varieties of lager in the world are:

  • Bock: It is one of the strongest lager beers and is typically German. It can be found light or dark but always with a powerful flavor and a strong alcoholic content that can exceed 6%.
  • Dark: It is also known as Dunkel lager, and is the black version of lager.
  • Pale Lager: It is the less roasted Lager and with less amount of hops, with the intention of giving rise to a very light yellow beer, with little degree and soft and refreshing flavor.
  • Pilsener: Derived from Pale Lager and is the most brewed and consumed beer worldwide.

Ale beer

This type of beer contains top-fermenting yeast that acts at temperatures ranging from 12°C to 24°C, so it tends to have a fast fermentation. They are dark, thick, low carbonated and are found in a variety of floral and fruity aromas and flavors.

Also within the Ale type there are British, Belgian, German and other countries that print their own style in their elaboration. Within the Ale there are several varieties among which the best known are:

  • Brown Ale: The cereal is roasted to obtain a beer of a color ranging from amber to caramel or reddish brown. They are powerful and bitter beers in which the hops, which give the beer its strong flavor, are noticeable.
  • Abbey Beers: Also known as Trappist beers, they are generally brewed in Belgian convents and have a powerful flavor although they are not as bitter and have a high alcoholic content.
  • Mild Ale: Known as the beer of the working class, it is a type of young beer with little hops that is served warm and is sometimes mixed with more mature beers to give it a little more taste.
  • Old Ale: It is a type of beer that rests for some time and gains alcohol content by evaporation. It has an average alcoholic content of between 5% and 10%, and has a certain sweet taste due to the residual sugar it contains. They are dark, strong and bitter.
  • Pale Ale: Also known as India Pale Ale, it is a type of beer that is characterized by being paler than the average Ale, but retains a high alcohol content and great presence of hop flavor.
  • Stout: It is a dark-colored beer close to black, it is bitter and brewed with roasted barley malt. It is the classic black beer, very roasted and to which nitrogen is added so that the foam has its characteristic consistency. Within this type we find the well-known Guinness and Murphy’s.
  • Porter Ale: It comes from a mixture of Brown Ale and Pale Ale to obtain a beer with a high alcohol content and at the same time more consistency.

Types of Beer and their Characteristics

There are currently numerous types of beers that travel the world, and throughout history there have been varieties that have been adapted to the demands of the palates.

As well as to the cultural innovations that each country goes through, that is why we can find beers without alcohol, flavored, honey, etc; which respond to the demand and taste of each one.

Non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer is a type of beer with very low or no alcohol content. Most non-alcoholic beers are Lager, but there are also some Ale style varieties.

They are recommended for athletes, people with certain pathologies and especially for pregnant women, since they can stimulate the secretion of prolactin, a hormone that increases the production of breast milk. Characteristics of Alcohol-Free Beer

  • Non-alcoholic beer has the same qualities as normal beers, the difference lies in the fact that it does not contain alcohol since it is evaporated during the brewing process.
  • Depending on its style, it has the same color of a beer with alcohol, i.e., if it is blonde, its color ranges from yellow to golden, if it is dark, its color will go from dark brown to black.
  • It contains minerals and vitamins like traditional beer.
  • Its flavor and aroma is the same as that of traditional beer, the difference lies in the fact that they usually do not have much gas.

Wheat Beer

It is a type of top-fermented beer whose recipe includes a high proportion of wheat to barley, as well as few hops. It is the German and Belgian beer par excellence and the one that enjoys so much popularity thanks to its quality and taste.

Moderate consumption of wheat beer is beneficial because it is rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, folic acid, provides a good dose of energy, prolongs and enhances physical activity. Characteristics of Wheat Beer

  • They are high fermentation beers
  • Its color can vary from pale blond to orange
  • Dense foam with fine, long-lasting bubbles
  • They have a light, fruity and somewhat acidic flavor.
  • The predominant aromas and flavors are: bread, banana, clove, chewing gum or vanilla
  • They are known as white beers since their appearance when they are not filtered has a whitish turbidity
  • It is a source of vitamins and minerals, especially of the B group and with a contribution of vitamin E

Dark Beer

Also known as dark beer, it is a type of beer with low fermentation, dark color and strong flavor that is brewed from lager yeast. It is an alcoholic beverage that usually has an alcohol content of around 5% and has been brewed since the Middle Ages.

It is advisable to consume dark beer in moderation as it has more nutrients than lager, provides more vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and especially iron, which is recommended for people who need an extra supply of energy. Characteristics of dark beer

  • It has a very striking dark, almost black color, which is due to the use of malts with toasted or dark tones during the brewing process
  • It uses bitter hops that give it its characteristic flavor in which notes of chocolate and coffee can be appreciated
  • They are low fermentation beers, i.e., Lager type beers
  • Their alcohol content is usually between 4.8% and 5%
  • Their flavor tends to be between bitter and slightly sweet

The dark beer presents varieties within which we can find:

Porter type dark beer

These are handcrafted beers that have a fermentation called Ale, which gives them a characteristic bitter taste and a very dark color.

Stout type black beer

These are sweet and dense beers, which have been brewed with the fermentation of roasted malt. They have a high alcohol content, reaching up to 10% in the imperial variant. Guinness Draught belongs to this variety.

Black Bock type beer

This beer is brewed using malt and undergoes low fermentation. Its flavor is sweet and pleasant, although it is full-bodied. Within this category we can find Doppelbock, Esibock, Hellesbock and Maibock.

Flavored beers

The boom of beers has been growing, which has led many breweries to develop recipes with flavors that have allowed them to go beyond the traditional and enter the gourmet world.

This has meant the appearance of beers with fruit flavors, spices, etc., which make beer an innovative and delicious beverage. Characteristics of Flavored Beer

  • We can find citric, smoked, roasted, chocolate and chestnut flavors that give them a different touch full of flavor.
  • It contains alcoholic content according to the type brewed.
  • It is a refreshing and varied beer.
  • Its color can vary according to the flavor that is present, so for example we can find a cherry-flavored beer whose color is cherry red.
  • They are beers with diversity and aromatic complexity that have at the same time a good balance.

Malt Beer

Malt is the main base in beer brewing, which is why it is so important and the most abundant ingredient. Malt contains vitamins and minerals that contribute to the qualities of beer, and if consumed in moderation, it protects and strengthens bones, prevents heart disease, delays aging and contributes to maintaining a healthier body. Characteristics of Malt Beer

  • Its color is determined according to the malt used, and there are light malts and dark malts, so the beer will have a color influenced by it, ranging from light yellow to dark black.
  • It has a dense and balanced foam that gives it consistency.
  • Its aroma contains marked notes of malts that make it delicious and very attractive.
  • Its flavor preserves the notes appreciated in the aroma, making it a full-bodied and balanced beer capable of seducing any palate.
  • Its alcoholic content varies according to the style produced

Roasted Beer

It is the beer with the most personality which is accompanied by creamy and compact foam. It stands out for its final bitterness that balances its high alcoholic content. Many people opt for this type of beer because it has a special touch and a wonderful color. Characteristics of Roasted Beer

  • They have a very striking toasted color that may vary according to the malt used, ranging from reddish, as in Red Ale or Amber Ale, to deep brown, as in Brown Ale.
  • Its flavor can be accompanied by caramelized and slightly sweet notes that are usually balanced with citric touches.
  • They have dense and creamy foam.
  • They are beers of high fermentation which gives them a high alcoholic content.

White Beer

Also known as Weissbier, it is brewed with wheat malt in addition to the classic barley malt. It usually has a low alcohol content and a high wheat content, which gives it the whitish color that gives the beer its name. Characteristics of White Beer

  • They are generally golden to orange in color.
  • They have abundant and long-lasting foam.
  • They have an intense aroma of freshly baked bread and fruit, especially banana.
  • Its flavor presents tones of orange, spices and wheat that accompany its characteristic banana flavor, which gives it a fruity aftertaste.
  • It is a bottom-fermented beer.
  • Its alcohol content usually varies and is between 5% and 6%.

Corn Beer

Corn beer is a refreshing type of beer with a high content of antioxidants, which makes it a good source of nutrients for the body, of course, as long as its consumption is moderate.

Corn beer is produced through a unique malting process where red and blue kernels are used as the only raw material. Characteristics of Corn Beer

  • It has a reddish color very similar to Jamaica water.
  • It has a particular flavor and aroma, as well as a thick body.
  • It retains its natural gas obtained through natural fermentation.
  • It has antioxidants capable of protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • It is refreshing and healthy.

Organic Beer

Organic beer is all beer that is brewed with raw materials from organic farming and respectful with the environment, without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Consuming organic beer brings health benefits as it contains large amounts of silicon, a mineral that promotes the proper functioning of neurons and prevents osteoporosis.

Organic beer also provides a high content of photo estrogens, a chemical substance that keeps problems with mood swings and hot flashes at bay.

It is the ideal beer for those who are looking for something natural, without chemical additives and that respects nature during the brewing process above all else. Characteristics of Organic Beer

  • It is usually a yellow colored beer with golden sparkles.
  • It has a dense and creamy foam.
  • Its flavor is stronger and fruitier than other common beers.
  • Its natural ingredients come from organic crops with zero additives, which provides a balance between sweetness and bitterness.
  • It is an ideal choice for lovers of healthy beverages.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that enjoys the acceptance of thousands of people who see in it a way to refresh and enjoy thanks to its particular flavor, its bitterness that at the same time is balanced with sweet or citric tones make it a delicious combination capable of making anyone delirious.

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