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Inicio » Aguardiente Antioqueño Tradition with a Colombian seal!

Aguardiente Antioqueño Tradition with a Colombian seal!

do you want to know everything about Aguardiente Antioqueño? Colombia is a Latin American country with a deep gastronomic culture and the production of liquor is a fundamental part of its diversity. Aguardiente Antioqueño is one of those liquors that for years has remained among the preferences of the Colombian public, and to talk about it is to talk about the identity of a nation that is rich in the production of alcoholic beverages.

what is Aguardiente Antioqueño?

Aguardiente Antioqueño is a spirit that is ranked as the number one among the preferences of the Neo-Granadian public, made with natural ingredients and under a process with quality standards, this liquor adapts perfectly to any market requirement. It is characterized by its transparent, translucent and bright appearance, with aniseed aromas and flavor that make it fresh and pleasant on the palate, undoubtedly a delight that makes itself felt from the first sip.

History and Origin of Aguardiente Antioqueño

The history of aguardiente comes with the arrival of Christopher Columbus during his second voyage to America, when he brought sugar cane, which would later be cultivated by the native communities and would give way to the emergence of a beverage of great interest. Aguardiente Antioqueño Sugar cane gave rise to the appearance of aguardiente, because the indigenous inhabitants tended to cultivate it and with it they elaborated a drink with spiritual qualities, which was consumed by the wisest in order to accompany their rituals. Upon discovering its benefits and capabilities, it would soon also be used as a beverage to alleviate the pain, discomfort and illnesses that afflicted the tribes.

But as the years went by, aguardiente ceased to be a healing drink and became an elixir that accompanied any moment, and that is why its production began to develop in an uncontrolled manner. However, some clans began to perfect their own recipe giving way to different aguardientes, and as it was a secret task, the recipes passed generation after generation under the strictest secrecy.

Soon the aguardiente began to be consumed more than chicha and began to position itself within the preferences of all, which contributed over the years to the appearance of aguardiente antioqueño, a brand that is considered a tradition throughout Colombia. Today, the company that gives life to Aguardiente Antioqueño produces a variety of products that tend to meet the demand of a public that is constantly changing and that also has demands.

what are the ingredients of Aguardiente Antioqueño?

Aguardiente Antioqueño is made with extra neutral alcohols, natural aniseed essences, refined sugar of the highest purity and potable water treated with carbon filters, which when mixed and combined produce a drink of extraordinary flavor and great quality.

how is Aguardiente Antioqueño made?

Aguardiente Antioqueño is made with the best ingredients, which are previously selected and treated under the highest quality standards that make possible the production of a liquor of great quality and purity. As expected, Antioqueno is made under the distillation method, and it is a drink that emanates a liquid of great magnitude and gives way to a liquor that has remained over the years as the number one in Colombia.

Once the raw material has been fermented, the distillation process is carried out with copper stills that produce a high quality liquid. Once the liquid is obtained, it is filtered to avoid any matter that should not be there. If necessary, it can be distilled again to balance the alcoholic charge of the spirit and finally it is bottled for distribution.

how many degrees of alcohol does Aguardiente Antioqueño have?

Aguardiente Antioqueño is a spirit of great flavor, its ingredients achieve the perfect balance between spicy touches, sweetness and smoothness that make it so special. It has an alcohol content of 29% which gives it personality and firmness.

what is Aguardiente Antioqueño Verde?

This liqueur is part of the wide range of aguardientes offered by Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia, a company with more than one hundred years of experience and tradition in the production of alcoholic beverages. Thinking about satisfying the needs of the consumer public, in 2019 they launched a brandy with a green cap and label, which presents an alcohol content of 24% and is sugar-free, which gives it an added value of great significance.

The green Antioquian aguardiente allows enjoying a pleasant sensory stimulus that does not go unnoticed, and it is a much softer drink, which does not allow feeling the invasive touch of alcohol, which makes it extremely pleasant. This delicate and smooth proposal is light, with aromas and flavor of anise that make it special and the perfect ally to accompany the great moments that deserve a celebration in style.

Made with the highest quality standards, like its siblings, the aguardiente verde seduces all those who seek to enjoy smoothness, elegance, flavor and for those who cannot consume any sugar. A perfect proposal that will contribute to health care, as long as its consumption is adequate and remembering that excess can have serious consequences.

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