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+8 Quéretaro Vineyards: Passion for Wine

The State of Querétaro is located in the center of the Mexican nation and has large extensions of plains or valleys dedicated to agriculture, cattle raising and also to the production of delicious wines. Thanks to its perfect climate for grape growing, its grapes allow the production of wonderful still and sparkling wines that are exported to other countries.

Its passion for wine, cheese and art is so great that Tequisquiapan celebrates one of the most important wine and gastronomic festivals in all of Mexico, the National Cheese and Wine Fair, an event that brings together the best of the best.

But not only this space is reduced to a fair, this magical place has a great variety of vineyards of Queretaro that make the territory a perfect place to visit if you are a lover of good wine. Queretaro’ s vineyards are recognized worldwide as some of the best in the world and thanks to the work that is carried out in its territory under the highest standards of quality and innovation, today we can enjoy a select wine route.

+8 Best Vineyards in Querétaro that you must visit

If you want to live a unique and fascinating experience, you must visit the vineyards of Queretaro, spaces that allow you to enjoy the best of the region’s wine thanks to its variety of spaces dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and the production of wines with an export seal.

Azteca Vineyards

Viñedos Azteca is located in an old hacienda in Querétaro that maintains its 18th century structure in an excellent state of preservation, offering a very Mexican-style atmosphere with an antique style that captivates visitors from the very first moment. Here in this beautiful place you can enjoy a walking tour with tasting at the end of the tour, visit its restaurant and accompany the wines with the dishes on its menu and live the best experience in the world. Its gardens, lake and beautiful landscapes make Viñedos Aztecas a special place where wine is the main protagonist.

La Redonda Vineyard

Viñedos La Redonda is perhaps one of the most famous vineyards in the entire area, and it is recognized as the oldest and largest vineyard in Queretaro, and holds different events that capture the attention of locals and visitors alike. Located 15 minutes from Tequisquiapan, La Redonda has a privileged location that allows the ideal development of the vineyard. Its 38 years of experience in winemaking make this place a place for the production of wines that are ranked among the best in the country, and its regular events such as the 100 Mexican Wines Festival, the Wine Colors, the Harvest Festival, tours and tastings make it a very pleasant place to visit. Viñedos La Redonda also has an enoteca that allows everyone who visits it to live an unforgettable experience in which wine tasting becomes a passion.

Los Rosales Vineyard

Viñedos Los Rosales began in the beginning and remained for 40 years to provide grapes to various wine producing houses in the region, but in 2011 ventured into the development of its own wine getting the approval of all. Its success lies in the fact that its elaboration comes from artisanal methods that allow to obtain a broth of optimum quality. Los Rosales allows a great tour of its facilities in which tasting each of its wines becomes a delicious sensory experience and tasting its cheese menu also makes it an exciting adventure.

De Coté Vineyard

A fascinating vineyard in Querétaro, its elegant and very simple architecture catches the attention of everyone who visits it, and its cellar has a unique detail in the world, and its architects captured a composition of the land in which it is located inside it that makes it a phenomenal spot. De Coté allows us to make a pleasant tour in which we will discover the care invested by their workers in their production methods and we can enjoy a delicious wine tasting that will delight your palate.

Sala Vivé Estate by Freixenet

Freixenet develops with passion and dynamism its winemaking work in the Querétaro area and opens its doors to offer its visitors exquisite wines that invite you to live an unforgettable wine tourism experience. Set in a European style, the visitor will go 75 feet underground, to be surrounded by thousands of bottles of wine and hundreds of barrels waiting for the day when the aging of the wine is ready to be sold to the public, a unique experience that everyone loves. In addition, it offers the public tours and tastings that will steal the palate’s breath away to envelop it in a fascinating atmosphere.

San Patricio Winery

Located in the town of Tequisquiapan, the San Patricio winery offers the visiting public a mind-blowing experience in which young wines, Sherry and Port are the main protagonists. In this beautiful place we can observe and understand the importance of the winemaking processes and the use of machinery to make the final product, wine. San Patricio allows at the end of the tour a tasting of its wines and the option of purchase by visitors who leave happy after such a pleasant winemaking experience.

Puerta del Lobo

The Puerta del Lobo vineyard is a large space in which wine is the main protagonist, the quality of its vines allows the production of delicious wines capable of making the most expert in wine rave. The variety of its soils allows the vines to be harvested in an optimal way, offering a unique experience for the palate. In addition to a tour of the vineyards where visitors can appreciate and understand the winemaking process, the public can enjoy a great tasting accompanied by the best dishes of the region.

San Juanito Vineyard

San Juanito is perhaps one of the youngest vineyards in Querétaro, it began its first harvest in 2013 and since then it has been dedicated to the production of young wines that have won the admiration of the area. This vineyard in Querétaro allows you to go inside its lands and understand the winemaking process, to close with a tasting of its products that manages to take the admiration of locals and visitors.

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