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Bianchi Wines: Tradition with Argentine Flavor

do you know Bianchi wines? Bianchi wines are synonymous with quality and prestige, the best of Italy in San Rafael in the Republic of Argentina, which has its own vineyards located adjacent to the wineries and in other estates throughout the province of Mendoza.

Tradition, quality and good wines are made by this wonderful family winery who throughout four generations has managed to keep alive the dream of its founder Don Valentin Bianchi.

San Rafael is a privileged land that has great virtues for the production of wines and sparkling wines, which this prestigious winery has known how to take advantage of since its origin.

what is Bianchi Wine?

Bianchi wines are produced in vineyards located in San Rafael and in the Uco Valley, in Mendoza, with the best vines, which are processed with the best techniques to obtain wines of great prestige recognized as some of the best in the world.

Origin and History of Bianchi wines

In 1887 Valentin Bianchi was born in Italy, giving birth to the history and tradition of Bianchi Winery. When he was only 23 years old, in 1910 he left behind the small town of Fasano and traveled to Argentina, more precisely to San Rafael, in the province of Mendoza.

Origen e Historia de los vinos Bianchi

Tradition that leaves a mark and excellence

It is in Argentina where Don Valentin, as he was known, began to devise his life project. After years of effort he managed to make one of his dreams come true, to have his own vineyard and open a winery he called El Chiche, “the small winery of great wines”.

He imported European vines and adapted them to the climatic and orographic characteristics of the San Rafael region. In this way, he forged a family winery whose name became a true heritage of Argentina.

His son Enzo continued with this great legacy and remained within the family tradition using innovative techniques that allowed the other members of the family to join and learn about this work, which led them to travel around Europe to learn how they made quality wines.

In 1995 he founded his revolutionary winery that in a short time turned San Rafael into a wine tourism pole. Today, the Bianchi family keeps intact the values of their ancestors and highlights the goodness of the terroirs of San Rafael and the Uco Valley.

Characteristics of Bianchi wine

Bianchi wines are characterized by their quality, prestige and tradition, so you can find not only red wines, but also white and sparkling wines.

  • Wines with fruity and floral expressions
  • Very delicate and subtle on the palate with good body
  • With good acidity
  • Fruity and floral aromas that make them stand out

Color, taste and aroma of Bianchi wine

Bianchi wines are very pleasant, so in every presentation they make an impact Red wines

  • Appearance: Very attractive color, deep with outstanding violet tones.
  • Nose: Complexity of aromas that intermingle fresh notes, red fruits such as ripe plums, black fruits and a delicate minerality that further enhances the freshness.
  • Palate: Soft and ripe tannins, with very good acid balance in the mouth, refreshing, finding the same fruit notes as in the nose.


  • Appearance: Yellow color with greenish reflections.
  • Nose: Aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, white peach, vanilla notes, white chocolate, light smoked, which give it aromatic complexity and elegance.
  • Palate: Sweet-acid entry, good volume, unctuous, fruity aftertaste, which brings freshness combined with delicate notes of mocha cream and hazelnuts provided by its time in oak that make it attractive and complex.


  • Appearance: Yellow color with clear greenish reflections.
  • Nose: Aromas of tropical fruits and orange blossom are direct and frank, intermingled with delicate notes of baking and yeast.
  • Palate: It is delicate, enveloping and very dynamic, with a balanced acidity that allows to appreciate again the spring sensations with a fresh and pleasant prolongation of emotions and memories.

Alcohol content of Bianchi wines

The Bianchi red wine is characterized for being a wine with strength and delicacy, with an alcohol content of 14.7%. Bianchi white wines have an alcohol content of 14.40% and its sparkling wines have an alcohol content of 12%.

Types of Bianchi wines

Bianchi wines are classified into three types


They are wines of fruity expression,light and very fresh with moderate tannins when tasted, berries and wild fruits such as blackberry and cassis can be distinguished.


They are subtle and delicate wines in which notes of white flowers, acacia and tropical fruit honey can be distinguished, which begin to complex over their mineral base. In the mouth they are vibrant, pleasant and with balanced acidity

Sparkling wines

These wines are made with the best French methods, they are elegant, with fruits that blend perfectly with toasted bread and dried fruits, they are very balanced wines with perfect acidity

Pairing of Bianchi Wines

Bianchi wines are ideal to accompany all dishes, their delicacy, elegance and freshness make them ideal.

Maridaje de los Vinos Bianchi

Bianchi is ideal to accompany any dish

Red wines

  • Red Meats: Good companion for red meat dishes in all their presentations
  • Cheeses: They complement each other perfectly, generating a great balance on the palate
  • Pasta: Preferably with bolognese or stuffed sauces
  • Pork: Ideal to accompany dishes made with pork


  • Fish: Ideal with grilled salmon
  • Rice: Paella or rice with chicken goes very well with these white broths
  • Chicken: Good with curry dishes and milk-based sauces
  • Seafood: Excellent companion, its balanced acidity combines perfectly
  • Cheese: Ideal with semi-hard cheeses and goat cheese.
  • Sushi: The ideal companion that will make your palate vibrate

Sparkling wines

  • Seafood: Ideal to accompany dishes with oysters, their flavors harmonize perfectly
  • Cheeses: Ideal to accompany goat cheeses
  • Sushi: Ideal to accompany rolls, sashimis and nigiris thanks to its acidity and texture

how is Bianchi wine made?

Bianchi wines are elaborated under the most innovative methods and with the best vines harvested in their own vineyards, which are located in San Rafael and the Uco Valley.

The red wines are made with Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and are aged in French oak barrels.

Its white wines are made mainly with Chardonnay, Viognier, Mosca Bianco, Semillon grapes, its aging process is carried out in French and American oak barrels.

As for its sparkling wines, they are made with Cabernet Sauvignion, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Chenin.

Characteristics of the grape used to produce Bianchi wine

Bianchi wine is made from various grapevines, which are harvested in vineyards owned by Bianchi Winery, their quality makes them stand out thanks to the natural characteristics of the land where they are grown.

Caracteristicas de la uva con la que se produce el vino Bianchi

Vines that give the ideal flavor for Bianchi wines


It has its history and origin in Bordeaux, but today to talk about Malbec is undoubtedly to talk about Argentina.

  • Small to medium-sized bunches of high compactness and very short peduncle
  • Uniform in size, large, with a very marked stylar scar
  • Pulp is not colored, soft and very juicy
  • Early budding and early or mid-season ripening
  • This variety is very sensitive to mildew and especially to gray rot
  • Very sensitive to spider mites

Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc grape is one of the most widely planted red grapes in the world

  • Medium sized clusters, with uniform berries that detach well from their pedicels when ripe
  • Small berries of circular section with bluish black skin
  • Thick skin
  • Non-pigmented pulp
  • Very sensitive to excoriosis and wood fungus complex
  • Resistant to ferric chlorosis


It is a vine native to Burgundy

  • Small clusters
  • Very uniform small berries
  • Yellowish-greenish color when ripe
  • Pulp is unpigmented, soft and very juicy
  • Adapts to different types of soils and climates as long as they are not excessively humid
  • Not usually affected by wood fungi


A white wine-making variety originating in France

  • Compact cluster and small size
  • Visible and little lignified peduncle
  • Round and spherical berries
  • It is a little sensitive to wind, so it should be trained on trellises
  • It adapts very well to acid soils
  • It is quite resistant to pests and diseases

Temperature of Bianchi wines

Bianchi wines are very fresh, their ideal temperature to be uncorked is between 16°C and 18°C.

Price of Bianchi wines

Bianchi wines are very elegant and well recognized wines, even worldwide. Their prices vary between 900 pesos and 200 pesos.

Best Bianchi Wines

Bianchi wines are very well known, their delicacy and subtlety make them good companions to accompany a special occasion.

Don Valentin Lacrado

An Argentine classic, smooth and fruity, ideal to be enjoyed any day 899 pesos.

Famiglia Bianchi Chardonnay

Fresh, delicate and elegant, ideal to accompany those special celebrations 1600 pesos.

Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon

A complex red wine with great intensity, ideal for demanding palates. 2000 pesos.

Bianchi Extra Brut

A delicate sparkling wine to celebrate any occasion 1700 pesos.

Famiglia Bianchi White Blend

Fresh, pleasant with strong citrus notes that make it appealing 1300 pesos.

Valentin Bianchi Malbec

A classic to enjoy at any time in the company of the family 1000 pesos.

Bianchi Sweet White Marlo

A wine with a great personality with a gentle sweetness and a fruity aroma so authentic that makes it unique 834 pesos.

Don Valentín Lacrado Extra Brut

Delicate with aromas of tropical fruits and orange blossom. 1000 pesos. Bodegas Bianchi is nowadays a global brand with presence in more than 40 countries representing with its wines the values and quality of Argentine wine all over the world.

Bodegas Bianchi maintains intact the values and legacy of the family that made it the heritage winery of Argentina recognized thanks to its trajectory.

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