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Inicio » Barbaresco wine: Red wine of pure Italian quality

Barbaresco wine: Red wine of pure Italian quality

Do you know Barbaresco wine? Italy is known worldwide for being one of the largest producers of wine, and it is in the north of this wonderful country that one of the favorite classics for all lovers of good wine is produced.

In Piedmont, in the area known as Langhe, a variety is produced with the Nabbiolo vine, which has been classified within the Denomination of Controlled Origin and Guarantee (DOCG) since 1980.

Barabaresco is a wine that has given Italy renown in the world of oenology thanks to its delicious taste and aroma.

what is Barbaresco wine?

Barbaresco wine is a dry but sweet and full-bodied red wine with a high concentration of tannins present, making it a charming wine. Made from the Nabbiolo grape, Barbaresco is a very well known wine all over the world.

Origin and History of Barbaresco Wine

In Piedmont in the area known as Langhe which means tongue, there is an area of isolated steep hills, most of them crowned by an ancient village, known as the Barbaresco area, which lies just north and east of the town of Alba.

Origen e Historia del Vino Barbaresco
The sweet and elegant taste of Italy

The first writing in the Langhe about the grape was in 1431, and they called it nebiolium hence its name to Nabbiolo, which has its root in the word nebbia (fog).

The history of this type of wine dates back to the early fifteenth century when it was known as Nebbiolo di Barbaresco.

By the latter part of the nineteenth century it was created as a place of origin wine name when Barolo producers refused to extend their name to include grapes from what is now the Barbaresco area.

In 1894 the first cooperative in the area was founded, the mythical Cantina Sociale, which marked the birth of Barbaresco as a wine and led it to be known and recognized throughout Italy, but economic difficulties resulting from World War I led to the closure of the Cantina Sociale in 1920 by the Fascist government.

Then in 1961 the Cooperativa Produttori del Barbaresco began bottling its Nebbiolo wines which triggered other producers to start a revival both in the elaboration of this wonderful wine and in the production of the vine.

Characteristics of Barbaresco Wine

The Barbaresco wine is originally from Italy and has well marked tannins that make it stand out from other red wines, being recognized as one of the most elegant wines produced in Piedmont.

  • It is made exclusively with Nabbiolo grapes
  • It is a dry but sweet red wine
  • It develops greatness and power
  • It is a noble wine
  • Develops good acidity
  • Balanced and complete
  • Fruity aroma

Color, flavor and aroma of Barbaresco wine

The Italian Barbaresco wine presents colors, flavors and aromas that make it unique and of great prestige

  • View: Intense garnet red color
  • Nose: Presents notes of raspberry, violet and licorice that make it very attractive
  • Palate: It is perceived as a textured and full-bodied wine, with excellent acidity that balances the whole and gives it great length

Alcohol content of Barbaresco wine

Barbaresco wine is very elegant and is characterized by very marked tannins that make it stand out with an alcohol content of 14%.

Types of Barbaresco Wine

Barbaresco wines are red wines and their Denomination of Origin classifies them into two types.

Barbaresco Red

This is a red wine that must be aged for 26 months, 9 of which are in barrels

Red Barbaresco

Riserva A red wine that must age for 50 months, 24 of which are spent in barrels

Barbaresco wine pairing

The Barbaresco wine is a red wine with a lot of elegance that makes it ideal to accompany your dishes

Maridaje del vino Barbaresco
Barbaresco wine ideal to accompany your dishes
  • Poultry: It is an ideal companion to accompany any type of poultry dishes as the flavors combine perfectly.
  • Red meat: Its dry but sweet flavor makes it pair very well with the flavor of meat in any presentation.
  • Fondue: Any combination looks well quilibrated with this wonderful wine full of sweetness and good acidity.
  • Truffles: Its marked flavor with well-established fruity tannins make it the ideal companion.
  • Polenta: They complement each other perfectly creating a delight to the palate.
  • Pasta: Any pasta dish accompanied with Barbaresco combines creating a seduction of flavors.

how is Barbaresco wine made?

Barbaresco wine is a red wine made from the Nebbiolo grape, a vine that ripens in the Langhe hills where the climate is a little drier and warmer and therefore the wines have more intensity of color, more structure, more body and a more integrated tannicity.

Barbaresco withstands long periods of aging in the famous bottithe Barbaresco endures long periods of aging in the famous barrels of curious shapes and sizes, where the wines become rounded and obtain their depth of flavor.

Fermentation with the skins takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 26 – 29 ºC for a period of three to four weeks The wine is aged in wooden vats in two phases, spending depending on the type up to 50 months in barrels, followed by an additional period of up to 24 months in large oak barrels.

Characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape

Barbaresco red wine is made 100 percent from the Nebbiolo vine, grown in the Piedmont wine region of Italy, this red grape variety also produces some of the best Italian wines.

Its wines are characterized for being unique wines with a complex and incredible flavor, with very marked sweet aromas of flowers and fruits.

Características de la Uva Nebbiolo
The secret of one of the best wines in the world
  • It is a late ripening vine
  • Susceptible to pests and rot
  • It is a delicate grape very prone to oxidation
  • It needs sufficient heat to develop its sugar levels
  • It needs the heat emanating from the sun’s rays
  • In colder climates it produces medium-bodied wines with a lack of acidity and tannins
  • It prefers terroirs with a high concentration of calcareous marble
  • The vine can thrive in sandy soils

Barbaresco wine temperature

Barbaresco wine should be tasted at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C as this will allow you to better appreciate its well-marked tannins and its texture when it comes into contact with the palate.

Prices and best brands of Barbaresco Wine

The Barbaresco red wine has different prices which vary according to the producer who elaborates it, however its price ranges from 23 € to 438 €.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Valeirano 2015

Red wine with a soft and attractive light garnet color with precise and enveloping notes of raspberry and sweet flowers, Nordic profile with tasty and balanced finish €23.85.

Albino Rocca Barbaresco 2014

Garnet red ruby red, nice ripe fruit aroma with a spicy, delicate, full-bodied finish €32.20.

Ceretto Barbaresco Bricco Asili 2014

Opulent, impenetrable, full-bodied red wine. Its structure is designed for long aging 124,30 €.

Gaja Barbaresco Costa Russi 2014

Red wine with a great aromatic complexity of fruits, flowers and spices. It is seductive and velvety textured and very refreshing 438,40 €.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Riserva Cichin 2012

Very intense red with tones tending to garnet with aging, warm and inviting with abundant tannins, sweet and fine 45,30 €.

Bruno Rocca Barbaresco Rabajà 2015

Red wine with great perfume that envelops the nose with floral notes and hints of butter that then leave room for fruit, it is warm and enveloping €82,50.

Cantina del Glicine Barbaresco Marcorino 2014

It presents a classic garnet color and emanates in the glass notes of red fruits, pepper and clove, all wrapped in a balsamic background €25.95.

Elvio Cogno Barbaresco Bordini 2015

This is a great wine with a fragrance of flowers, small red berries, cherries, almonds, mint and a touch of sweet spices, with soft and silky tannins €30.90.

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