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Inicio » Brachetto Wine: The Sweet Taste of Seduction

Brachetto Wine: The Sweet Taste of Seduction

do you know Brachetto wine? Italy has always been known for producing good wines thanks to its privileged land that gives great vine harvests, which results in wines with a lot of flavor, body and aroma.

In the Piedmont region in northeastern Italy, a wine with great distinction is produced, the Brachetto, a light sweet wine and very subtle sparkling wine that is the delight of many.

Italy is not only art and fabulous gastronomy, it is also synonymous with great and exquisite wines that are exported around the world offering quality, flavor and aromas that make you fall in love just when you uncork the cork.

what is Brachetto wine?

Brachetto wine is a sparkling red wine made from the Brachetto vine produced in Italy. It is fruity and sweet with a musky aroma. It is part of the Italian wines produced in Piedmont and thanks to its taste and aroma it is a favorite to celebrate any occasion.

Origin and history of Brachetto wine

Legend has it that in the times of the Roman Empire, ships loaded with a particular wine that enjoyed the reputation of being an aphrodisiac were sent from northern Italy to Alexandria preceding the visits to Egypt first by Emperor Julius Caesar and later by Mark Antony, with the sole purpose of finding on their arrival the spirits of his beloved, the last Egyptian queen Cleopatra, predisposed in his favor.

Origen e Historia del Vino Brachetto
Origin and History of Piedmont sweetness

This special wine held in high esteem by emperors, empresses and centurions was Vinum Acquense“, wine originating from the vineyards of Acqui in Italian Piedmont and direct ancestor of what we know today as Brachetto d’Acqui.

The Brachetto d’Acqui is a wine that during the development of Italian history has had great followers, among which Giovanni del Boccale, a very famous character of the Italian carnival comics, who in 1700 took this delicious wine as the source of his inspiration and healthy joy.

In 1996 it was awarded the highest recognition for Italian wines, the distinctive Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin D.O.C.G. for its great quality which has been appreciated and maintained over time.

Characteristics of Brachetto wine

Brachetto wine originates from Italy and has an exquisite fruity flavor that makes it unique in the world.

  • It is made exclusively from the Brachetto grape from which it takes its name
  • Sweet and aromatic
  • Develops low acidity
  • It has a low alcoholic content
  • It is a very fresh wine
  • It has persistent bubbles

Color, taste and aroma of Brachetto wine

The Brachetto wine originating from Piedmont in Italy is a sparkling red wine full of unique aromas and flavors that make it stand out from the rest of the world

  • Appearance: Pale ruby red color with fine and persistent bubbles.
  • Nose: It is intense and generously releases the typical varietal notes of rose and fruits on a musky background.
  • Palate: When tasted it is not a complex wine, it is fresh and very pleasant with very pronounced floral and fruity notes.

Alcohol content of Brachetto wine

Brachetto wine is very pleasant and sweet, it is characterized by its delicate fruity flavor, its alcohol content is within 5.5%.

Types of Brachetto wine

The Brachetto is characterized for being a sweet wine ideal to accompany delicate moments, its broth has derived in two types

Dry Brachetto

It is a ruby red wine with very attractive floral and fruity aromas

Sparkling Brachetto

It is a red wine with persistent bubbles made from the Brachetto vine, full of intense aromas of roses and fruits that make it unique

Brachetto wine pairing

The Brachetto wine is an ideal wine to accompany desserts, although it is a red wine, it is highly recommended when tasting chocolate.

  • Desserts: It pairs perfectly with any type of dessert, its sweet, fruity and very fresh flavor gives it a perfect combination.
  • Chocolate: Although red wines are not usually good companions for chocolate, Brachetto is a perfect ally when tasting chocolate, its delicate flavor combines perfectly creating a delight
  • Strawberries: Its flavor blends with the acidity of the strawberry creating an exquisite combination
  • Fruit salads: The ideal companion that will refresh your palate
  • Fruit tarts: A good accompaniment to any fruit tart

how is Brachetto wine made?

Brachetto wine is made only from the Brachetto vine, which is grown in hilly vineyards, whose loamy soils are calcareous-clayey in nature.

Its production follows both the method of natural fermentation in autoclave and secondary fermentation in bottle, which makes it a young wine.

Characteristics of the Brachetto grape

Brachetto is an Italian red grape that grows mainly in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy.

Características de la Uva Brachetto
The red vine of Piedmont that gives Brachetto

Brachetto grape

It is a vine grown in hillside vineyards whose loamy soils are of a calcareous-clayey nature

  • Large grapes with thick, dark blue skin
  • Medium-sized and compact bunches
  • Regular to modest productivity
  • Ripening around the second half of September

Brachetto wine temperature

Brachetto wine is a very fresh and sweet young wine, it is recommended to be served at a temperature between 6 and 8 degrees.

Prices and best brands of Brachetto wine

Brachetto wine is an economical wine that can be obtained from 6 euros to 15 euros. Among its most recognized brands are:

Alessandro Motta Brachetto 2017

Aromatic sparkling wine of great pleasure, light ruby red color with purple tones, aromas of ripe fruit and dry Rose, smooth, bright and seductive taste €9,5o.

Braida Brachetto d’Acqui 2018

A fragrant wine of measured sweetness, with a delicate and caressing mousse, it is a friendly wine and by its nature is not very complex €12.85.

Cascina Chicco Brachetto Birbet

is a sweet, sparkling and very pleasant red wine with very marked rose notes 10,30 €.

Casa Toso – Brachetto D’acqui Docg FV

Delicate, sweet and very pleasant sparkling wine with rose flavors 8,75 €.

Rinaldi Brachetto D’Acqui Bricco Rioglio

2016 Light ruby red with clean aroma of rose, raspberry and berries, good balance between acidic fruit and sweetness €13.13.

Banfi Brachetto D’Acqui Rosa Regale 2017

Light ruby red color, pinkish foam, lively with a persistent perlage, it is intense, aromatic, with hints of Bulgarian rose, in the mouth it is soft and elegant, berry flavors with a touch of almond and nutmeg 18,46 €.

The Brachetto wine is a sparkling red wine of great class and elegance that leaves a pleasant taste that enchants the palate thanks to its sweetness and freshness, which make it an ideal companion to conquer the most sensitive palates.

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