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Inicio » Pingus Wine: One of the best red wines in the world

Pingus Wine: One of the best red wines in the world

have you tasted a Pingus wine? Pingus wine is classified as the best in Spain and the most expensive, its artisanal method of elaboration and its production of 6,000 bottles per year make it a special wine.

Pingus is the result of two vineyards over 80 years old in the heart of the Ribera del Duero and is vinified with whole red grapes from the country in foudres and malolactic fermentation in new barrels.

what is Pingus Wine?

It is a red wine made with red wine under a traditional method that allows the care in its production to obtain high quality wines.

Origin and History of Pingus Wine

Dominio de Pingus is a very small winery located 30 kilometers from Roa, in the province of Burgos. It produces one of the most sought after wines in Spain, its small production makes it one of the rarest and most exclusive wines.

Peter Sisseck, an agronomist and oenologist born in 1962 in Copenhagen, has been living in Spain since 1990, and since then his wines have become some of the most valued in the world.

The Dominio de Pingus winery is an artisanal winery, with a few rows of new barrels, a rudimentary press, some wooden vats and steel tanks.

But the artisanal elaboration and its low production, allow them to take great care in the high quality of the final product.

Characteristics of Pingus Wine

Pingus wine is characterized for being a wine elaborated under artisanal methods
  • It is made with Tinto Fino
  • Develops greatness
  • It is a very elegant wine
  • Powerful structure
  • Long and juicy finish

Color, flavor and aroma of Pingus wine

Pingus wine is a red wine made in Spain of great class and distinction

  • Appearance: Picota cherry color
  • Nose: Fragrant and intense, prevailing aromas of very ripe fruit both red and black, floral tones, sweet spices and some vegetable tone
  • Palate: In the mouth the entry of this wine is surprising, a sweet but voluminous at the same time. It is a red wine with a tamed tannin and a smoothness that pleases the palate

Alcohol Content of Pingus Wine

The Pingus wine is an elegant red wine and is characterized by having tamed tannins that make it stand out with an alcohol content of 14.5%.

Types of Pingus Wine

Pingus wine is a red wine elaborated with the Tinto Fino grape variety, under traditional methods of elaboration. Its careful selection of grapes makes it very special and its low production makes it an expensive wine.

Pingus Wine Pairing

Pingus wine is an ideal red wine to accompany dishes made with game meats, its flavor complements perfectly delighting the palate.

Maridaje del Vino Pingus
Pingus combines with dishes that will delight the palate
  • Game Meat: It pairs perfectly thanks to its power
  • Red meats: Ideal combination that will delight everyone
  • Pork: Good companion when tasting a dish with pork
  • Roasts: They combine perfectly creating a lot of flavor
  • Cured Cheeses: Good companion when enjoying cured cheeses
  • Iberian Ham: A good combination to accompany any Iberian ham

how is Pingus Wine made?

Pingus wine is made with Tinto Fino grapes under artisanal methods, its old vines are cultivated in five hectares and under a very controlled selection. The destemming is done manually and patiently, destemming the ripest grapes from each cluster.

The wine is vinified in small stainless steel vats, in which 50% of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrels and the rest in stainless steel tanks.

The wine is aged for 18 months, 40% of the wine in new Allier oak barrels and the rest in used barrels. In the case of the PSI variety, it is produced in cement tanks, which allows the maximum fruit aromas to be obtained.

Fermentation is an entirely natural process, with no added yeasts. Aging is carried out in cement tanks, oak vats and non-new French oak barrels from Pingus and Flor de Pingus.

Characteristics of the Tinto Fino grape

Pingus wine is made exclusively from Tinto Fino grapes, grown in the vineyards located in Ribera del Duero, which produce very fine wines considered the best in the world.

Tinto Fino, the Pingus secret that dazzles
  • Compact bunches of double shoulder and medium size
  • It is a red grape with a thick skin
  • Purple-black berries with a colorless flesh
  • Grows best at relatively high altitudes, but can also tolerate much milder climates
  • Sensitive to pests and diseases
  • Poorly resistant to drought and high temperatures

Pingus Wine Temperature

Pingus Wine should be tasted at a temperature not exceeding 16°C to better appreciate its flavor and aroma.

Price and best brands of Pingus Wine

Pingus wine is an expensive wine recognized worldwide as one of the best, its price can range from 20 euros to 1300 euros.

Pingus 2015

It is a cherry red wine with toasted notes, ripe black fruit very expressive with elegant tannins with long and persistent finish €1200.

Rated 99/100 by critic Robert Parker

Flor de Pingus 2016

Red wine in which the good ripeness and selection of the grapes is pronounced, with aromas of very ripe fruit both red and black, floral tones. It is a red wine with a tamed tannin and with an unctuousness that pleases the palate €150.

Aromatically complex with good intensity, black fruit like ar’qndanos, plums, and red like currant, raspberries, pepper and vanilla. The palate is fleshy, fatty, medium-bodied, black fruit with good concentration, sweet, with well-worked tannin, polished, silky, well supported by fresh acidity €32.90.

Pingus 2016

Intense red with notes of jam and black fruit with a long, powerful finish €1200.

Pingus 2010

Bigarreau cherry color with purple edges, it presents aromas with high intensity, very fresh black fruit, balsamic. In the mouth it is intense, tasty, fresh, sweet tannins, balanced, powerful and long structure 999 €.

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