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Inicio » Green Wine: A unique flavor that is the essence of Portugal

Green Wine: A unique flavor that is the essence of Portugal

do you know Green Wine? Green wine is a wine of Portuguese origin that conquers the world, its flavor and easy drinking make it a favorite of many who are looking for freshness to enjoy.

Green wine is produced in the northeast of Portugal and is a wine that thanks to its quality, light foam and its acid tinge makes it a delight for the palate.

what is Green Wine?

Green wine is a young wine produced in the region of Entre Douro e Minho, with acid tints and slightly sparkling, it is a fruity wine, easy to drink which is widely used as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to light dishes.

Origin and History of Green Wine

Everything seems to indicate that there are historical references to the existence of green wine in the northern region of Minho since 51 and 95 B.C., and that it was precisely in this area, densely populated during the Middle Ages, that the culture of the vineyard was established.

A wine that goes back centuries and stands the test of time

Religious corporations counted on the support of the Portuguese crown to establish wine production in the region, so that during the 12th and 13th centuries the first King of Portugal, Alfonso, exempted wine producers from paying taxes during the first five years of the harvest.

This caused a high production and yield so that the green wine was taken to other countries in order to export the delicious broth produced in these lands, which led to be quite well known worldwide and since then is deserving of its fame.

Characteristics of Green Wine

Green wine is a white and not green wine and owes its name to the green fields that surround the area where it is produced, which has a great climate that generates perfect harvests.

  • It is a fresh and light wine
  • It is a fruity wine
  • It has a light mousse
  • It is a low alcohol wine
  • It is a dry wine but very lively

Color, flavor and aroma of Green Wine

Green wine is a delicious wine that thanks to its freshness and easy drinking has conquered the palate of many people around the world.

  • View: Pale yellow color with greenish reflections
  • Nose: Fruity aromas such as orange, apple, pineapple with citrus and floral tones that give it freshness
  • Palate: It has freshness and vibrant acidity that give it a long finish with hints of fruity notes

Alcohol Content of Green Wine

Green wine is a very fresh wine and thanks to its own characteristics it has a low alcoholic content, so we can find it between 12% and 13%.

Types of Green Wine

Green wine is an easy to drink wine, its elaboration and its characteristics make it a unique wine which pleases the palate thanks to its pleasant effervescence and its particular aroma.

Green wine is the dignified flavor that defines Portugal and is the purest and strongest essence of the white wine of the area, which has made it the second most exported wine after the well-known Port.

Green Wine Pairing

Green wine is a very pleasant wine that can be enjoyed alone as an aperitif or as a great accompaniment to any light dish with which you wish to spend the day.

Maridaje del Vino Verde
Vino Verde, an excellent accompaniment to light dishes
  • Fish: A delicious combination full of great flavor
  • Seafood: Flavor enhancer that will bring out the best of a good seafood
  • Salads: Any delicious salad goes very well with a green wine thanks to its freshness
  • White meats: Excellent companion that will make you enjoy
  • Sushi: Delicious combination that will balance the flavors
  • Game meats: Great companion that will contribute to reinforce the flavors thanks to its natural acidity

how is Green Wine made?

Green wine is made with the grape varieties Albariño, Loureira, Arinto, Aveso and Treixadura which are taken young enough for its elaboration.

It undergoes malolactic fermentation which causes it to have traces of carbon dioxide gas in the bottle called “aguja”, sometimes even carbon dioxide is artificially injected to give the wine more sparkle.

Once it passes through this phase, it can be taken to barrels for aging.

Characteristics of the grapes used to make Green Wine

The varieties of grapes used in the production of green wine give this delicious wine a unique flavor and aroma that make it special.

Strains that give rise to a unique broth in the world

Albariño grape

A variety that gives greenish musts that when transformed into wine give pale yellow colors with very light greenish tones.

  • Small bunch with a short stalk
  • Small berries of uniform size
  • High vigorous vines
  • Not very sensitive to botrytis, fairly resistant to downy mildew, not very tolerant to powdery mildew and drought
  • High aromatic potential with sometimes floral overtones

Loureira Grape

A high-yielding variety that produces wines with low alcohol content.

  • Small bunch size
  • Small berries
  • Medium vigorous vines
  • Suitable for somewhat humid to medium dry soils
  • Medium sensitivity to mildew, powdery mildew and is very sensitive to botrytis.

Arinto Grape

It is a variety that produces very acid wines with notes of lemon.

  • Medium cluster size
  • Small to medium sized berries
  • Medium to high vigor strains
  • High fertility

Treixadura Grape

A grape variety that produces aromatic, fine and very elegant wines.

  • Large, elongated cluster
  • Small berry size and non-pigmented pulp
  • High vigor strains
  • Adapts very well to cool, drained soils with granitic composition
  • Low sensitivity to downy mildew and powdery mildew

Green Wine Temperature

Thanks to its freshness and low alcoholic content, green wine is recommended to be served at a temperature between 7°C and 10°C, when it can be fully exposed and show its best qualities.

Price and best brands of Green Wine

The green wine is becoming more famous every day thanks to its quality and flavor that make it a unique wine that we must try at least once, its price usually ranges between 6 euros and 35 euros.

Pássaros Loureiro 2016

It is a pale yellow green wine with greenish reflections, full of citrus aromas with floral notes that make it a light broth, with a rounded acidity and long finish €7,90.

Muros Antigos Alvarinho 2017

A green wine with a nice pale lemon color, its citrus aroma with orange and tangerine notes make it fresh with vibrant acidity that give it a long finish with hints of orange peel and grapefruit 12,50 €.

Muros de Melgaco Alvarinho 2017

A bright pale yellow green wine with complex varietal aromas markedly citrus and mineral that give it a silky silky and very creamy mouthfeel with well-balanced acidity that conveys freshness €18.50.

Aphros Wine Daphne Loureiro White 2017

A delicious light yellow green wine, full of fruity aromas with citrus and floral notes that give it freshness and elegance during its passage through the mouth 18,40 € 18,40.

Quinta de Santiago,Amphora Alvarinho 2018

A great green wine of yellow color with greenish reflections that stands out thanks to its floral aromas with mineral notes, which at the same time give it marked acidity, earthy but balanced during its passage through the mouth 34,50 €.

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