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Mild Red Wine Delicious and easy to drink!

do you know the Mild Red Wine? The soft red wine is well known and stands out thanks to its own qualities that make it silky and fresh, capable of capturing the attention of all wine lovers.

Its flavor, aroma and tasting capacity make the smooth red wine a wine that usually accompanies most of the tables of everyone who appreciates the company of red wine to celebrate an important moment.

what is Mild Red Wine?

The soft red wine is a pleasant and easy to drink wine as it does not produce any aggressive action in its passage through the mouth.

The smoothness is related to the right proportion of polyphenols, the glycerin content, the acidity and the residual sugars with which it is made.

Origin and History of Mild Red Wine

Mild red wine has its origin since the Bronze Age, even archaeologists have found evidence that fixes the origin of the first wine harvest in Sumer, in ancient Mesopotamia.

Origen e Historia del Vino Tinto Suave
A wine that endures over time

Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans managed to expand the wine culture through their conquests as they introduced strains to produce their own wines that soon became the tradition of each country they reached.

Over the years, the vines acquired their own characteristics determined by the climate and the soil in which they were cultivated, giving rise to wines with their own flavors and aromas that became of vital importance within the culture of certain countries.

Characteristics of Mild Red Wine

The soft red wine is characterized for being a fresh and silky wine that fills with flavor and elegance the palate of those who taste it, thus becoming a liquor that always seeks to drink again.

  • It is not a rough wine
  • It is an easy to drink wine
  • It has good acidity
  • Fruity flavor that gives it freshness
  • Very pleasant fruity aromas
  • Balanced tannins

Color, flavor and aroma of Mild Red Wine

Mild red wine is a pleasant broth full of flavor that makes it attractive and much loved.

  • Appearance: Intense red color with purplish hues
  • Nose: Intense aromas of ripe forest fruits such as blackberries and blueberries with hints of spices
  • Palate: It is a wine with body, good intensity and generally balanced acidity that make it silky and fresh

Alcohol Content of Mild Red Wine

Mild red wine is a very fresh wine with a pleasant long finish. Its alcohol content is 13.5%.

Types of Mild Red Wine

The soft red wine is a young wine full of freshness and good acidity that give it unique characteristics that make it stand out and be the favorite of many. Its taste, flavor and fruity aroma make it a very successful wine in the taste of most red wine lovers.

Mild Red Wine Pairing

Mild red wine is a subtle wine that can accompany delicious dishes, its qualities give it the precise balance to soften the flavors and enhance the taste.

Maridaje del Vino Tinto Suave
A side dish that will delight everyone
  • Red meats: Especially with those that are not very spicy
  • White meats: A perfect ally that will give flavor at the moment
  • Fish: A good companion for dishes made with mild fish, it is even a good choice to accompany sushi.
  • Pasta: Especially with poultry sauces
  • Vegetables: A perfect ally that will balance the flavors
  • Cheeses: Especially with mild cheeses

how is Vino Tinto Suave made?

Soft red wine is made with red grapes that have soft tannins such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Carménère, Bobal, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mencía, among other varieties.

Its elaboration process is generally carried out with fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 10 to 12 days at a controlled temperature. Its aging process can take from 3 months onwards in oak barrels to give it greater depth.

Characteristics of the grapes used to make Mild Red Wine

The soft red wine is made with red varieties that provide unique qualities that give a very fresh and pleasant wine when in contact with the palate.

Red grape varieties with a smooth and delicious flavor

Pinot Noir grape

A strain of French origin full of sweetness that achieves soft and silky wines.

  • Very compact small bunch size
  • Small berries with thick skins
  • Not very fertile vines
  • Variety very sensitive to botrytis
  • Has high magnesium nutrient requirements and is sensitive to stalk desiccation

Merlot grape

It is the most widespread grape variety in the world together with Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Small to medium cluster size
  • Small berries with unpigmented flesh
  • Good fertility strains
  • Good adaptation to different types of soils
  • Ripens relatively early, a few days later than tempranillo


Grape A variety of French origin very well known in Chile thanks to its quality.

  • Small cluster size
  • Small berries with herbaceous flavor
  • Vigorous vines
  • No particular sensitivity to powdery mildew or Botrytis cinerea

Bobal Grape

A red variety with great flavor and aromatic qualities.

  • Large cluster
  • Medium sized berries with thick skin
  • Very vigorous strains with a drooping growth habit
  • Very sensitive to powdery mildew and botrytis and not very sensitive to downy mildew and fungal wood diseases

Tempranillo Grape

A Spanish variety considered of great and vital importance in Iberian viticulture.

  • Large cluster size
  • Medium to large berries
  • High vigor strains
  • High susceptibility to powdery mildew and medium susceptibility to downy mildew and black rot

Garnacha Grape

It is a vigorous vine, of Aragonese origin and very austere.

  • Medium to large cluster
  • Medium sized berries
  • Very vigorous strains
  • Susceptible to bark necrosis and yellow and rib banding viurs.

Mencía Grape

The red wines made with this charming variety are fruity, velvety wines with great color and acidity.

  • Small cluster size
  • Small size and juicy berries
  • Medium vigorous strains
  • Sensitive to wood diseases

Temperature of Mild Red Wine

The soft red wine is a delicious wine that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, its flavor, aroma and color will make you enjoy thanks to its quality, it is recommended to be served at a temperature between 14°C and 16°C, which will allow it to show all its qualities.

Price and best brands of Mild Red Wine

The soft red wine is an easy to drink broth so we can get it at prices ranging from 4 euros to 100 euros.


A soft red wine with a deep red color, aromas with very pleasant mineral notes that make this wine fresh, balanced and very subtle during its passage through the mouth 4,65 €.

Vega Infante

A soft red wine with a nice cherry red color, its intense aroma of ripe forest fruits such as blackberries and blueberries give it pleasant notes during its passage through the mouth that make it balanced and with good acidity 12,00 €.

Madai On Lees Mencia

a soft red wine with a bright red color full of red fruit aromas, with balsamic notes, which give it a good entry in the mouth full of silky tannins 15,50 €.

Hoyas de Cadena Merlot

A soft ruby red wine, with sweet aromas of fruits such as blueberries and plums, which give it softness on contact with the palate, giving it elegance and great balance 25,48 €.

La Mendañona

A soft cherry-red colored red with aromas of fruit with mineral and herbaceous notes that make it a very fine, silky and surprisingly long wine 56,46 €.

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