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Inicio » Dry and Semi-Dry Red Wines: Ideal for sharing with the family

Dry and Semi-Dry Red Wines: Ideal for sharing with the family

do you know the Dry Red Wine and the Semi Dry Red Wine? Dry red wine is a very well known wine in the world of viticulture, its flavor and natural characteristics make it one of the most consumed wines in the world.

Although we know them as table wines, dry wines are what most of the time accompany our dishes and moments of meeting, likewise we can also get within the variety of red wine the semi dry, a slightly sweeter wine that also enjoys a good reputation.

what is Dry Red Wine?

Dry red wine has about 5 grams per liter of sugar, it is mainly known for its flavor, although factors such as acidity and alcohol content can also influence its tasting.

Semi Dry Red Wine

It is a red wine that contains between 5 and 15 grams per liter of sugar, so it tends to be less dry.

Origin and History of Dry Red Wine

Dry red wine comes from ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans, who were responsible for taking red grape varieties to different regions where they settled over the years.

A broth full of flavor and aroma

The need to supply wine to their troops and to the population that was established in a certain region made the elaboration of red wine popular, which is why the grapevine crops spread rapidly.

Dry red wine has been on the table of the majority of the world’s population since centuries ago, thanks to its easy combination with dishes.

Characteristics of Dry Red Wine

Dry red wine is usually made from red grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • It is also known as still wines
  • It has strong herbaceous and spicy aromas
  • It has a high alcohol content
  • Obtained through natural fermentation
  • It has a strong flavor but with a clean finish

Semi Dry Red Wine

Semi-dry red wine can be made with grape varieties such as Tempranillo and Syrah.

  • It is a less astringent wine
  • It has fruitier aromas
  • Pleasant taste
  • It has a longer finish

Color, flavor and aroma of dry red wine

Dry red wine is usually striking thanks to its organoleptic characteristics

  • Appearance: Deep red color with violet rim
  • Nose: Herbal aromas stand out accompanied by spicy notes such as vanilla
  • Palate: Its flavor is strong, robust yet silky and elegant with a clean finish

Semi Dry Red Wine

Semi-dry red wine is usually pleasant thanks to its less astringent taste

  • View: It has a clean and bright red color
  • Nose: Herbaceous aromas of red fruits stand out with herbal and spicy notes
  • Palate: Delicate flavor, with good acidity and long finish

Alcohol Content of Dry Red Wine

Both dry and semi-dry red wine is a broth full of aromas and flavor, its alcohol content can be between 13% and 15%.

Types of Dry Red Wine

Dry or semi-dry red wine is usually found in 4 types that, according to their elaboration, obtain certain special organoleptic characteristics.


It is a wine that does not undergo a barrel aging process but is bottled directly


A wine whose total aging period is 24 months, with a minimum time in oak barrels of 6 months


A wine whose total aging period is 36 months, with a minimum time in oak barrels of 12 months

Gran Reserva

This wine is aged for a total of 60 months, with a minimum time in oak barrels of 18 months

Dry Red Wine Pairing

Dry red wine usually accompanies our table, so it is a wine that can accompany many dishes.

Maridaje del Vino Tinto Seco
A good companion at the table
  • Red meats: A natural flavor enhancer, perfectly balanced
  • Game Meats: A perfect ally when it comes to enjoying any game meat
  • White meats: Delicious combination that balances flavors
  • Pasta: Especially with spicy pasta
  • Rice: Any rice goes very well with a glass of dry red wine
  • Vegetables: A combination full of flavor
  • Cold meats: Delicious combination that enhances the flavors
  • Cheeses: Especially with those with strong flavors such as Roquefort cheese

Semi Dry Red Wine

Although it is less stringent than the dry one, this red wine pairs very well with all kinds of main dishes

  • Red meats: Excellent combination full of flavor
  • White meats: Especially grilled or roasted
  • Pasta: A perfect combination with tomato sauces
  • Cold meats: Delicious combination that enhances flavors
  • Cheeses: Especially with semi-cured cheeses

how is Dry Red Wine made?

Dry red wine is usually made with red grapes such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, varieties that provide unique characteristics full of flavor and aroma.

Its elaboration process is governed by traditional fermentation methods in which carbonic maceration is carried out at controlled levels, then it proceeds to the aging process in oak barrels for months before bottling.

In the case of semi-dry red wine, as it contains more sugar per liter than its companion dry red wine, it has a similar process in its production, however varieties such as Tempranillo and Syrah, among others, are usually used, which are strengthened with additives that prevent the grapes from having a complete reconversion of alcohol.

Once this process is completed, the wine is aged in oak barrels for months before bottling.

Characteristics of the grapes used to produce Dry Red Wine

The most commonly used red varieties provide unique characteristics that make it a special and well-known wine.

High quality red grape varieties

Pinot Noir grape

A variety of French origin full of many qualities.

  • Small bunch with short stems
  • Small to medium sized berries with unpigmented flesh
  • Medium vigorous vines
  • Very delicate variety in its cultivation as it is very sensitive to wood fungal diseases

Cabernet Sauvignon Grape

The best known grape variety worldwide and one of the most important.

  • Very small cone-shaped clusters
  • Small berries with lightly colored flesh
  • Very vigorous and upright, branched, with many clusters, late budding and mid-season ripening
  • Does not ripen well in marked droughts

Merlot Grape

A grape of French origin, very well known in the world.

  • Medium to small cluster size
  • Small berries with non-pigmented flesh
  • High vigor strains
  • Variety not very sensitive to wood diseases

Characteristics of the grapes used to make Semi Dry Red Wine

The red varieties used to make semi-dry red wine are full-flavored grapes that give it great expressiveness.

Tempranillo Grape

A very well known variety in Spain with which delicious red wines are made.

  • Large cluster size
  • Medium to large berries
  • High vigor strains
  • Variety very susceptible to wood diseases especially eutypiosis and tinder complex

Syrah Grape

Syrah wine is a wine with a lot of color, dark, intense, aromatic, very famous in the world viticulture

  • Medium cluster size
  • Small to medium sized berries
  • Vigorous vines with upright growth habit
  • Variety very sensitive to eutypiosis and not very sensitive to excoriosis

Temperature of Dry Red Wine

The dry red wine as well as the semi-dry one is recommended to be served at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C, which will allow the wine to show all its splendor.

Price and best brands of Dry and Semi Dry Red Wine

The dry and semi-dry red wine is a broth that accompanies many tables of good wine lovers, its natural characteristics and its great quality make it an accessible wine, we can find it from 4 euros reaching up to 100 euros.

Kiss of Wine Old Vine Grenache 2015

A dry red wine with a bright red color, full of fruit aromas with herbal and chocolate notes, pleasant mouthfeel, easy to drink with medium body €4.50.

Can Bas Cabernet Sauvignon Eco 2017

A dry plum-red colored red, full of fruity aromas with herbal notes that make it vibrant, seductive and light with ripe tannins 12,90 €.

Enate Merlot 2013

A deep red dry red with balsamic and spicy notes such as eucalyptus, clove, along with the characteristic aromas of dried apricots and hints of cocoa and roasting provided by the barrel 20.90 €.

El Pispa 2017

A semi-dry red cherry red with garnet hues, with ripe fruit aromas that make it a tasty and balanced wine €8.50.

Cayas Syrah Reserve 2015

A bright red semi-dry red wine with aromas of blackberry and plum, with hints of vanilla, leather, black olives and spices that make it fresh and lively, characterized by a good balance between acidity and tannins 59,00 €.

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