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Inicio » Magnum bottles: The queen of wine bottles

Magnum bottles: The queen of wine bottles

do you know the Magnum wine bottles? Magnum bottles have many advantages over the traditional bottles in which wine is bottled.

Magnum bottles are highly appreciated because they offer a series of advantages that favor the aging of the wine in a slower and more harmonious way due to the larger capacity of the container.

what is a Magnum Wine Bottle?

Magnum bottles are bottles that exceed the usual size, since they have a capacity of 1.5 liters compared to the 75 cl of the normal bottles with which the wine is bottled, in addition to being bottled and labeled by hand.

Characteristics of Magnum Bottles

Only the best wines produced by each winery arrive in the Magnum format, the highest quality wines or those produced during exceptional vintages are bottled in bottles of one and a half liters.

  • The aging of wine in Magnum bottles tends to be more harmonious, so it has become an option to preserve those bottles of wine for long aging.
  • It is ideal to accompany meetings or celebrations among friends and family, since only one Magnum bottle can drink 4 people.
  • Although it may seem strange, it favors the expression of the wine’s nuances, this is possible because the amount of oxygen decreases in relation to the liquid, so the wine’s evolution process is slowed down and its organoleptic virtues are multiplied.
  • Crianza, reserve and grand reserve wines achieve their best ratings in Magnum bottles.
  • Magnum bottles are less susceptible to temperature changes, which contributes to the wine’s evolution not being altered and enhances its aromas and flavors.

Wine bottle sizes

There are numerous sizes of wine bottles, from the smallest of 187.5 ml to the largest with 30 liters, these larger bottles are generally used by collectors or by large wineries as an exhibition.

Benjamin, Fourth Bottle, Piccolo or Split

This bottle has a capacity of 185 ml which is equivalent to a quarter bottle of 75.

Half bottle

This bottle has the capacity of 375 ml, equivalent to a half bottle of 75.


This is a bottle with a capacity of 750 ml, it is the classic bottle used for bottling wine.


This bottle has a capacity of 1.5 liters, equivalent to twice the capacity of a classic bottle.

Double Magnum

This is a bottle with a capacity of 3 liters of wine, equivalent to two Magnum or four classic bottles.


With a capacity of 4.5 liters, equivalent to six standard bottles.


This bottle has a capacity of 6 liters, which is equal to two Double Magnums and 8 standard bottles.


It has a capacity of 9 liters of wine, which is equivalent to a case of wine.


It has a capacity of 12 liters of wine or the equivalent of sixteen standard bottles or two Imperials.


This bottle has a capacity of 15 liters, equivalent to twenty standard bottles.

Melchior or Solomon

With a capacity of 18 liters, equivalent to twenty-four standard bottles.


These bottles have a capacity of 25 liters, equivalent to thirty-three standard bottles and one third of a standard bottle.


With a capacity of 27 liters, equivalent to thirty-seven standard bottles.


With a capacity of 30 liters, equivalent to forty standard bottles.

Price and best brands of wines in Magnum Bottles

The wines bottled in Magnum bottles are the best of each winery or those that have been produced with vintages of excellent quality, its price ranges from 10 euros to 2,000 euros.

Red Bécquer de Autor Magnum Wine

A well covered cherry colored wine, with an intense aroma of black fruits and well associated oak that in the mouth is tasty, with round tannins, ripe fruit and spicy background 12.78 €.

López Cristóbal Oak Magnum

This wine has an intense cherry red color with violet reflections, with intense aromas of strawberries, berries and forest fruits that are very tasty thanks to its balance and structure 18.98 €.

Zarate Albariño 2018 Magnum

A very intense straw yellow colored wine, fresh and intense, with notes of citrus and white fruit and a pleasant mineral background that make it vibrant with subtle bitter touches in a long and persistent finish that surprises 24.50 €.

Bollinger Spécial Cuvée Magnum

A very intense gold colored champagne with abundant bubbles, its aromatic intensity full of notes of lemon, toast, pastry and hazelnut make it fresh and very tasty, with caressing gas and a long finish 96.50 €.

Marqués de Riscal Baron de Chirel 2002 Magnum

It is a dark cherry colored wine, with high aromatic intensity, where toasted and spicy notes stand out together with ripe black fruit notes that make it fresh and unctuous, with soft and polished tannins 148,97 €.

Finca El Bosque 2016 Magnum

This is a red wine with notes of black fruit, spice and smoky undertones that make it open, expressive, hedonistic and somewhat intoxicating on the palate €189.90 .

Amancio 2014 Magnum

A red with some lactic notes, ripe fruit, tertiary notes and some iron-like sensations, in the mouth it presents abundant fine-grained, chalky tannins and a dry finish so it is very expressive on the palate 189.90 €.

L’Ermita 2018 Magnum

This is a crianza red wine full of lots of aroma and flavor that give it an indescribable texture taking it to excellence €1,845 .

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