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Nebbiolo Wine: An Italian wine of great quality

have you tasted a Nebbiolo wine? Nebbiolo is a grape that produces some of the best Italian wines known today. Its reds are full of flavor and aroma thanks to its pronounced tannins.

Italy is a country with an important wine culture, and throughout its territory, grape varieties are cultivated that derive in wines that enjoy great acceptance and recognition among the world public.

what is Nebbiolo wine?

Nebbiolo is a red wine that can be very tannic in its youth but as it ages it develops more marked nuances that reveal other aromas and flavors.

These wines have the characteristic that they may require years of aging in order to balance the level of their tannins.

Origin and History of Nebbiolo Wine

Historically, it seems that in the first century B.C. Pliny the Elder described the quality of the wine produced in Pollenzo, a region located in northeastern Italy.

Although Pliny makes no mention of the grape from which these wines were made, his description resembles later descriptions of wines made from nebbiolo.

Origen e Historia del Vino Nebbiolo
A wine with infinite aromas that dazzles

Nebbiolo is native to the area of Piedmont, Italy, and some indicate that it has been here for more than seven centuries, the truth is that this grape is the progenitor of the best wines of Italy, Barolo and Barbaresco among them.

Characteristics of Nebbiolo Wine

Nebbiolo is a tannic Italian red wine full of expressiveness and flavor.

  • Made from Nebbiolo grapes
  • It has a large amount of tannins
  • It has great acidity
  • They are fruity wines
  • Its fruity and floral aromas stand out
  • Light shades
  • It is a wine that may need years of aging to balance its tannic levels

Color, taste and aroma of Nebbiolo Wine

The Nebbiolo is a red wine with a lot of tannic capacity and also as it ages it changes its tonalities.

  • Appearance: Intense magenta and purple to reddish pomegranate-like color depending on aging
  • Nose: They usually present endless aromas, highlighting notes of fruits such as cherry, pomegranate, plums, as well as intense profile of damp earth, forest, rocks, tobacco, chestnuts, portobello mushrooms and truffles
  • Palate: Strong and powerful, with complex flavors including roses, cherries, truffles, mint and even tones of tar, tobacco and leather.

Alcohol Content of Nebbiolo Wine

Nebbiolo wines are fresh wines full of a great tannic load, their alcohol content is around 13%.

Types of Nebbiolo Wine

Nebbiolo wines can be classified into two types, since as they age their organoleptic characteristics vary.

Young Reds

These are wines that show a more lively tonality with tones ranging from magenta to intense purple, with a certain clarity that allows one to see through them.

Aged Reds

These wines offer more reddish tones like pomegranate, even clayey, as well as a greater variation between the color at the center of the glass with respect to the edges, in addition to presenting orange or oxidized metal tones.

Nebbiolo Wine Pairing

Nebbiolo is a lively red wine, full of freshness and varied flavors that make it special and capable of accompanying strong dishes.

A wine that can accompany dishes of all kinds
  • Red meats: A good companion that will enhance the flavors
  • Duck: Its acidity and powerful aromas blend perfectly, giving greater potential to the flavor of duck
  • Veal Liver: Excellent combination
  • Roast Beef: A perfect ally that will enhance the flavors
  • Barbecue: A natural enhancer that will make you enjoy it
  • Cheese: Especially with strong cheeses such as blue cheese
  • Pasta: Delicious combination, especially with mushroom or creamy sauces

how is Nebbiolo wine made?

The Nebbiolo red wine is made with the grape variety that bears its name, these grapes are crushed in tanks and macerated for about 150 hours before fermentation begins, which is carried out at a controlled temperature of 28ºC.

Its aging process is carried out in oak barrels for months, however Nebbiolo wine has a great aging potential so it can last in aging period for up to 10 years.

Characteristics of the Nebbiolo Grape

It is a classic red grape variety originating from the valleys of Piedmont in northwestern Italy.

  • Elongated cluster not too tight
  • Quite dark ovoid berries
  • Quite thick skin
  • High acidity
  • Late ripening
  • Needs sufficient heat to develop sugar levels
  • In cooler climates the grape produces medium-bodied wines with a lack of acidity and tannins
  • Prefers terroirs with a high concentration of chalky marble
  • It is very susceptible to coulure

Nebbiolo Wine Temperature

Nebbiolo wine is an elegant red wine, its tannic power makes it very expressive and its aging potential makes it more powerful. It is recommended to be served at a temperature between 14°c and 16°C.

Price and best brands of Nebbiolo Wine

The Nebbiolo red wine is a wine that enjoys public recognition thanks to its organoleptic characteristics, its price ranges from €10 to €60.

Antoniolo Coste della Sesia Nebbiolo Juvenia 2016

It is a wine with a dense ruby color tending to garnet, it has an intense, fruity and fragrant bouquet that make it tasty, pleasant with a good structure €16,90.

Langhe Nebbiolo Classic 2014

Ruby red with garnet rim, full of fruity aromas of raspberries and blackberries that make it elegant and well structured 17,50 €.

M. Marengo Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore 2017

An intense wine containing olfactory notes of ripe red fruit, wilted flowers, licorice, spices, it is exceptional and thick, delicious tannins that make it balanced, dynamic, full-bodied and persistent 18,95 €.

Mirù Ghemme 2009

It is a red wine color rruby eye with purple reflections, intense nose with hints of black cherry, violet, tobacco and spices, it is harmonious, very persistent in the sip, with great structure and balance leaving at the end flashes of almond 19,20 €.

G.D. Vajra Nebbiolo 2017

It is a powerful and elegant ruby red wine, has floral notes of violet and rose, which are accompanied by hints of small berries, the palate is elegant and structured, with a tannic texture that envelops the palate and persists in a long and fresh finish 18 €.

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