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Moscato Wine: The sweet taste of the Mediterranean

would you like to taste a Moscato wine? Moscato has become a very popular drink in recent years, its exotic, delicious and sweet taste has positioned it among the favorites of those looking for a sweet but pleasant drink.

Its different types have managed to capture the attention of those who seek innovation in the taste of wine and thanks to the grape with which it is made, many people prefer it to accompany their desserts.

what is Moscato wine?

It is a type of sweet wine made from the Moscatel grape that has a low alcoholic content and that through its introduction in the market has managed to please the public that is looking for a good sweet wine to accompany their meals.

Origin and history of Moscato wine

There are no exact indications of its origin, however during the Middle Ages the Muscat grape was introduced in Italy, where provinces such as Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany, Lombardy and even the Aoasta Valley appropriated it, cultivating and commercializing the vine that gives origin to Moscato wine. Its name comes from the grape from which it is made, the Moscato grape, which is characterized by its sweetness. The province of Asti was the one that most developed this wine which, unlike other liqueurs, has a low alcoholic content, which for some makes it seem light.

In Asti, in the southwest of Italy, Moscato wine has obtained the Denomination of Origin for its great taste and quality, and has spread to other latitudes obtaining great popularity among the public.

Characteristics of Moscato wine

Moscato wine is characterized by a very pleasant sweet taste

  • Sweet are fruity flavor with a certain degree of acidity
  • In the mouth it has diverse flavors in which apricot, nectarine, lemon, orange and peach stand out
  • It has a variety of aromas such as caramel, roses, jasmine and vanilla
  • It stands out for being a dry semi-sweet wine, slightly bubbly

Color, flavor and aroma of Moscato wine

Moscato wine is a very pleasant young wine for those who taste it

  • Appearance: Very nice bright yellow color
  • Nose: Intense citrus and floral notes that are very attractive
  • Palate: When tasted it is smooth, sweet and with good acidity

Alcohol content of Moscato wine

Moscato wine is characterized for being a liqueur with a low alcohol content, its sweetness gives it body and makes it attractive. Moscato has a graduation of 5% alcohol.

Types of Moscato wine

Moscato over the years has evolved into three types:

White Moscato

It is made from the sunny and ripe Muscat grape, which gives it a sweet taste with straw-colored hues. It is a slightly bubbly wine that conveys a refreshing sensation and is produced in Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany and Sicily.

Rosé Moscato

It is characteristic of the Mediterranean and its low alcohol content makes it a soft and casual wine, with a floral aroma that can be enjoyed all year round. It is fermented in tanks at a cold temperature.

Blue Moscato

This is the youngest of the Moscatos and is produced in Spain. It is a bright blue sparkling wine with an intense aroma of melon, apricot and roses, produced under the Charmat method.

Moscato wine pairing

Moscato wine, according to the experts’ opinion, tends to blend well with the sweet notes of spices, and is ideal in its three presentations to accompany appetizers in a good meeting.

Italian pasta with wine; Shutterstock ID 561007252; Project/Business: Vivir Mejor; Team: Content marketing
  • Chicken: Good companion for dishes made with chicken either stewed, grilled or grilled
  • Seafood: Ideal for any type of seafood, its sweet flavor is perfectly matched
  • Pork: Any dish prepared with pork is a good choice to pair with Moscato
  • Pizzas: The ingredients of the pizza are mixed with Moscato in such a way that makes it ideal
  • Cheeses: The sweetness of its flavor combines with the cheeses creating an excellent combination
  • Desserts: Ideal for desserts, you can combine it with any dessert of your choice
  • Spicy foods: It can be accompanied with spicy and spicy foods

how is Moscato wine made?

Moscato wine is produced with the Moscatel grape from which it gets its name and its elaboration process is carried out through the Charmat method.

It consists of fermenting the wine twice, the second time it is fermented in stainless steel tanks from where it obtains the bubbles and then it is bottled.

Characteristics of the grapes used to produce Moscato wine

Moscato wine is produced with the Moscato grape of small grain to which it owes its name and which is the deserving of the great recognition that this liquor has obtained

Muscatel grape of small grain

The Moscatel grape is a white grape native to the Mediterranean, which is characterized by its great aromatic power and its high sugar content.

  • Adapts to any soil
  • Ripens quickly
  • Yellow colored fruit that can vary according to the season taking a purple color
  • Medium sized vine with soft skin
  • Very juicy white flesh
  • Very susceptible to powdery mildew and downy mildew
  • Does not tolerate the cold

Temperature of Moscato wine

Moscato wine should be served chilled to be tasted, its ideal temperature is between 16°C and 18°C.

Moscato wine price

Moscato wine is a very economical young wine and its price varies between 6 euros and 30 euros, although there is a particular brand such as Moscato d’Asti-Monteolivo Bersano that has a different price, which is around 200 euros.

Best Moscato wine brands

Moscato wine has spread throughout the world, countries such as Spain, Italy, France, United States, Argentina, Chile, among others, have adopted this liqueur positioning it as a low-alcoholic favorite. Among the best known brands, we present the 8 best ones:

Castello del Poggio Moscato

The palate will enjoy this delicious liqueur in which the taste of apricot, peach and tangerine will make the palate enjoy 6 euros.

Don Luciano Blue Moscato

The attractive bright blue color will envelop you with its intense aroma of apricot and rose petals 4 euros.

Toso Moscato

Its intense fruity smell and sweet taste will make you love it 30 euros.

Cupcake Moscato

Delicious apricot and pineapple flavor that will envelop your senses 7 euros.

Ecco Domani Moscato

Its vibrant aroma of tangerine and honeysuckle will make your palate vibrate 8 euros.

Saracco Moscato d’Asti

Delicious fruity aroma with balanced acidity that makes it one of the best 12 euros.

Sutter Home Pink Moscato

Delicate pink color that will envelop you with its sweet taste and pleasant aroma 4 euros.

Barefoot Moscato

A sweet, smooth and bubbly wine that everyone loves 4 euros. Moscato has achieved over the years to please the public that looks for dry but pleasant sweet drinks that are ideal to accompany a good time where the dessert is the main protagonist.

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