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Inicio » Fragolino Wine: Sparkling wine with strawberry flavor

Fragolino Wine: Sparkling wine with strawberry flavor

where does Fragolino wine come from? Veneto is characterized for being the number one worldwide in wine production, its location makes its provinces privileged and its vineyards are among the best in the world.

Italy has within its great wine menu a very special one that is not easily available, the Fragolino Wine, this characteristic liquor makes enjoy those who have the privilege of tasting it and get through its sweetness and freshness a moment of joy for the palate.

Fragolino is the favorite of young men and women who are looking for something different to drink at a good price, but getting it is not a simple task.

Due to the restrictions that its elaboration has throughout history, it has been modified and fruit additives have been added that make it similar and have managed to take it to other latitudes.

what is Fragolino Wine?

Fragolino is an Italian sparkling wine produced in Veneto and Piemonte with Fragola Grapes (Strawberry Grape), it is a summer wine with a delicate strawberry flavor very cheap and popular in the whole Venice area. Its careful winemaking process makes this liqueur a delicate jewel.

Origin and History of Fragolino Wine

This fruity wine originates from the north of Italy in the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia, its consumption is linked to dark legends of witchcraft and santeria as well as to the cure of lovesickness and some celestine affairs.

It is said that in the Carso Triestino there were numerous covens, religious sacrifices and other rites that were enlivened by the fermented grapes of the fragolas.

These have a high degree of methanol that makes them dangerous for human consumption, legends true or not, made that in Europe the commercialization of fragolino wine was forbidden for several reasons.

These decisions led to its current production in very limited areas and with strict quality controls to ensure safe consumption for people’s health. At present, most of the fragolino wines that are consumed only have the name of the original wine and have other grapes, fruits and natural additives with strawberry flavor that have put in discussion the name of wine.

Characteristics of Fragolino Wine

Fragolino wine, originally from Italy, has an exquisite fruity flavor that makes it stand out among sparkling wines.

  • Originally made exclusively with fragola grapes (strawberry grape)
  • Fresh and very sweet
  • Develops low acidity
  • Low alcohol content due to its vine
  • Very elegant and subtle
  • Resistant to natural pathogens
  • Fruity essence that delights young people

Color, taste and aroma of Fragolino wine

The fragolino wine of Italian origin has unique colors, flavors and aromas.

  • Appearance: Ruby red color with pinkish hues and slightly sparkling
  • Nose: Intense scent of strawberry and fruits such as blackberry and raspberry
  • Palate:Pleasant sweetness with notes of strawberry, medium body, a delight that harmonizes and neutralizes its acidity

Alcohol content of Fragolino wine

Fragolino wine is very pleasant and different from the others and is characterized for being very fresh, its delicate strawberry flavor makes its alcohol content within 7%.

Types of Fragolino Wine

Due to its production restrictions, Fragolino wine specialists derived their product in two types:

Fragolino rosé

The authentic one made from strawberry grapes exclusively

Red Fragolino

Derived from rosé but not made with strawberry grapes and added with other fruits and strawberry additives to give it flavor.

Fragolino Wine Pairing

Due to its delicate flavor, Fragolino wine is the ideal wine to accompany summer moments when freshness is the main thing.

maridaje del vino fragolino
Delicacy and freshness
  • Desserts: All kinds of desserts, especially chocolate, strawberries with chocolate and chocolate-based cakes.
  • Appetizers: Any light meal to whet the appetite before the main course.
  • Salads: Ideal to accompany a salad with spices.
  • Hams: Any ham you try with this delicious wine.
  • Vegetables: Delicious companion that will make you feel more the flavors of every bite you taste.

how is Fragolino wine made?

Fragolino wine has a very strict elaboration process due to the fact that the vine has a high level of methanol, which, although it has been proven to be non-toxic for consumption, has been compromised over the years.

The grapes are harvested and pressed, part of the resulting must is vinified using the Charmat method for the production of sparkling wines.

Where the carbon dioxide gas generated is kept in the tank and bottled directly to preserve the gas in the wine, then the rest of the must is added to the fermented wine to give it sweetness and aroma.

Characteristics of the Fragolino grape

Originally fragolino wine is made from the fragola grape (strawberry grape) from which it gets its name and its sweetness

Uva fragola
Flavor and resistance

Fragola Grape

This grape does not belong to the Vitis Vinifera but to the Vitis Lambrusca of North American origin and was introduced in Italy to combat the plague of a parasite called Phylloxera that was destroying vine and wine production.

  • It has large leaves, hairy on the inside, opaque and slightly lobed
  • It has long, red buds
  • Medium sized grapes and very close together
  • Resistant to natural pathogens such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and phylloxera.
  • Resistant to frost and wet soils
  • Excellent flavor and shelf life for months
  • Harvested in October when the petiole turns red and detaches easily

Temperature of Fragolino Wine

Fragolino is very fresh so it should be served at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius for a proper tasting.

Prices and best brands of Fragolino Wine

The price of Fragolino wine is very cheap and usually ranges between 6 € and 9 €. Within its 5 most recognized brands we can find the following:

Fragolino Dulce La Gioiosa

Italian wine from the Veneto region of bright ruby color with delicate and subtle bubbles that are pleasant and where notes of wild strawberries, red fruits, blackberries and raspberries stand out. 6 €

Fragolino Tosso

Italian wine produced in the Piemonte area, sparkling with strawberry flavors. 4,15 €

Fragolino Abbazia

Delicious Italian wine from the Veneto area with a fresh and lively taste made with strawberry juice. 5 €

Fragolino Rosso Casa Bottega

Considered by many to be the best of all, it is produced in Veneto and has an intense aroma of berries. 8,75 €

Fragolino Brindate

Produced in the Piemonte area, it is a sweet sparkling wine made with strawberry juice that gives it a lot of freshness. 5 €

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