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Inicio » Verdejo wine: A white wine with a lot of flavor and elegance

Verdejo wine: A white wine with a lot of flavor and elegance

do you know the Verdejo wine? Verdejo is a quality white wine recognized worldwide, its sensory characteristics usually give great satisfaction to those who have the privilege of tasting it.

Verdejo wines are wines with herbal and fruity nuances full of freshness that have managed to impress over the years to lovers of good wine.

what is Verdejo Wine?

Verdejo wine is a white wine made only with the Verdejo grape or at least 85% of this variety, moderately alcoholic with a medium acidity.

Origin and History of Verdejo Wine

The Verdejo grape has lived for centuries in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, located in the central sector of the depression formed by the Duero River, which is a high plateau of gentle relief and slopes subject to the Atlantic winds.

A white wine full of herbaceous flavors that enchants

Its origin is believed to coincide with the reign of Alfonso VI in the 11th century, when the Duero basin was repopulated with Cantabrians, Basques and Mozarabs, the latter being the most likely to bring the Verdejo variety to Spain.

It has traditionally been used for young white wines, blending it with other grape varieties present in the Spanish area such as Sauvignon blanc, Viura and Palomino fino.

Characteristics of Verdejo Wine

Verdejo is a white wine from the Rueda Denomination of Origin and is characterized by being very aromatic.

  • Made from Verdejo grapes
  • Full-bodied but with a certain softness
  • Slightly bitter aftertaste
  • Colors ranging from greenish yellow to straw-colored
  • It is a wine of medium depth
  • Wines of great harmony, whose memory after passing through the mouth invites to continue tasting

Color, flavor and aroma of Verdejo wine

Verdejo wine is a white wine with a lot of elegance and flavor that make it stand out.

  • Appearance: Yellow color with greenish reflections, very clean and bright
  • Nose: Marked varietal aromas of white fruit, orange blossom, anise and peach. Notes of nuts, vanilla and honey appear
  • Palate: It is fruity, ample and elegant, with notes of yellow apple with hints of almonds and toasted wood

Alcohol Content of Verdejo Wine

Verdejo wine is a very pleasant wine full of fruity and herbaceous aromas and flavors that make it moderately alcoholic, so it is at 13% alcohol content.

Types of Verdejo Wine

Verdejo wine is a white wine made from the grape variety of the same name, which is native to Spain. It is currently divided into two types:

Without oak

Ready-to-drink white wine, with aromas of herbs and fresh fruits, crisp. With marked citrus aromas and a good alternative to Sauvignon Blanc wines.

With oak

It is a fuller bodied wine, creamier and with notes of almonds, walnuts and honey.

Verdejo Wine Pairing

Verdejo wine is a very versatile white wine, thanks to its characteristics it is a cheerful companion, its acidity and bitter finish work as a real palate cleanser.

  • Appetizers: It is an ally by nature of any appetizer you wish to enjoy
  • Rice: Any type of rice when combined with a verdejo will achieve a unique sensation on the palate, especially seafood
  • Seafood: An ideal companion to taste seafood in any presentation
  • Fish: A duo that you must try
  • Meats: Especially with soft red meats, it combines perfectly creating a lot of flavor
  • Poultry: Especially with geese or duck, its natural fat combines harmoniously with the delicate flavor of verdejo creating a perfect balance
  • Foies: Undoubtedly a perfect ally
  • Iberian Ham: Together they create an explosion of flavor
  • Fresh Cheeses: Its herbaceous flavor combines in an incredible way creating a lot of flavor
  • Salads: Good companion that makes the palate vibrate

how is Verdejo wine made?

Verdejo wine is made with at least 85% of the Verdejo grape variety. A mixed vinification process is carried out where approximately 80% of the must is fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, while the other 20% is fermented in new French oak barrels.

The wine is then aged to achieve the aromatic complexity and structure in the mouth that characterizes it.

Characteristics of the Verdejo Grape

It is a very vigorous Spanish white grape that gives wines full of flavor and unique herbaceous aromas.

Verdejo, a vigorous grape full of flavor
  • Small to medium sized bunches
  • Very short stalk
  • Small berries of regular looseness
  • Yellowish green color
  • Spherical or short elliptical
  • Thick skin
  • Resistance to drought, extreme cold and heat
  • Differences in temperature from day to night enhance the fruity and aromatic nuances of this variety

Verdejo Wine Temperature

Thanks to its moderate alcohol content, Verdejo white wine is a wine that should be served at a temperature between 11°C and 13°C.

Price and best brands of Verdejo Wine

Verdejo wine is a white wine with a lot of flavor, very well known and has managed to capture the attention of many lovers of good wine, its price ranges from 4 euros to 60 euros.

Fresh Verdejo

It is a straw-colored wine with greenish reflections, very bright, with a frank aroma, with fruity intensity. In the mouth it is fresh, good structure, balanced acidity and tasty €4.95.

José Pariente Verdejo 2018

A suggestive and very pleasant wine, with a certain unctuousness and everything you can ask from a Verdejo in terms of freshness, good acidity, herbaceous and floral aromas, and the characteristic bitter touch €9.30.

Belondrade and Lurton 2017

A crianza white wine classified as one of the best wines in Spain, a pioneer in its style and a great reference among Spanish whites of great quality €32.50.

Menade Nosso 2018

It is a very elegant straw-colored wine, a nose of restrained fruit emerges, in which memories of peach, green pineapple, white flowers and hay mingle. On the palate, its balance is perfect, as its oily feel is enhanced by elegant notes of candied lemon peel and fennel 11,25 €.

Ossian Capitel 2016

A Burgundian-style white, with aromas of wild flowers and balsamic notes, fresh, savory, elegant and refined €50.60.

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