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Inicio » Vino Primitivo: A sweet red wine with a lot of flavor

Vino Primitivo: A sweet red wine with a lot of flavor

do you know Primitivo wine? Italy is a land that is not only known for its art and gastronomy, wine is another of the qualities that this territory possesses, full of beautiful landscapes and lands full of grace where vines are harvested and develop delicious wines.

The primitive vine is an Italian red grape vine, widely spread in the province of Taranto, in the capital city and Laterza, Manduria, Avetrana, Maruggio, Sava, Lizzano, Torricella, Fragagno, San Marzano, in lower Brindisi, and in Lecce.

This grape gives life to a highly appreciated red wine, full of enrapturing fruity aromas and a sweet taste full of well-marked tannins that make it a marvel on contact with the palate.

what is Vino Primitivo?

Primitivo wine is a medium to full-bodied red wine made from 100% Primitivo grapes from which it takes its name. It produces fruity and spicy wines with a medium-length finish.

Origin and History of Primitivo Wine

Everything seems to indicate that Primitivo seems to originate from Croatia, where this species is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski, and has been cultivated in the Italian region of Puglia where today it maintains a large production.

Quality and flavor that envelop your senses

Puglia is a wine region located in the extreme south of Italy and is an extremely fertile peninsula known for the cultivation of olives, figs, almonds, wheat and above all vines of great quality.

The warmth of the Mediterranean combined with a light sea breeze makes this region a fertile territory ideal for the cultivation of vines, so the natural characteristics of this area create an environment endowed with great qualities for viticulture.

Primitivo is a red wine of the Apulian Appellation of Controlled Origin and is considered the symbol of the region’s oenological renaissance.

Characteristics of Primitivo Wine

The Primitivo is a red wine of the Apulian Appellation of Controlled Origin and is considered the symbol of the oenological renaissance of the region.

  • Made from the Primitivo vine
  • A wine with a fruity aroma
  • It is a full-bodied red wine
  • It presents a lot of intensity

Color, taste and aroma of Primitivo wine

Primitivo wine is a high quality red wine produced in Italy in the Puglia region.

  • Appearance: intense ruby red color, with purplish highlights
  • Nose: aromatic and fruity with hints of cherry, blackberry and raspberry very well marked
  • Palate: It is very strong fruity, sweet, and in certain cases tends to present notes of jam with evident hints of cherry, blackberry and ripe raspberry, and soft tannins.

Alcohol Content of Primitivo Wine

The Primitivo wine is a sweet red wine with a fruity presence both in aroma and flavor that makes it have a minimum alcohol content of 13.5%.

Types of Primitivo Wine

The Primitivo wine, originally from Italy, is a sweet red wine that has been derived in two types


It is a red wine made from the Primitivo vine and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels and 6 months in American oak barrels.

Primitivo Riserva

This is a red wine made from the Primitivo vine and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and 12 months in American oak.

Primitivo Rosé

A rosé wine made from the Primitivo vine and aged in French and American oak barrels at a controlled temperature.

Primitivo Wine Pairing

The Primitivo wine is a pleasant red wine that combines perfectly with meat dishes

Primitivo, a good companion for meat dishes
  • Red Meat: Good with roasted red meats
  • Salami: Ideal when tasting a good salami
  • Sausages: Good with sausages, its flavor blends creating a perfect balance
  • Pasta: Especially with ragout or bolognese sauce
  • Stews: Always a good ally when enjoying a good stew
  • Lamb: They blend together creating a delight to the palate
  • Game meats: They are a perfect match

how is Vino Primitivo made?

Primitivo wine is made only with the Primitivo vine, the maceration is carried out at a controlled temperature of 26 ° -28 °C. After malolactic fermentation, it is aged in French and American oak barrels for at least 10 months.

Characteristics of the Primitivo Grape

Primitivo is an Italian red grape variety, widespread in the Puglia region, it is genetically identical to the Californian Zinfandel.

Primitivo vine, a strain with a lot of flavor
  • Early ripening
  • It has a lot of residual sugar
  • Produces robust wines with pronounced tannins
  • Small and elongated cluster
  • Round berries
  • Thin and delicate skin

Primitivo Wine Temperature

Primitivo wine is a pleasant sweet red wine with very pronounced fruity notes, it is recommended to be served at a temperature of 18°c to 20°C.

Price and best brands of Primitivo wine

The Primitivo wine is an Italian wine very recognized thanks to its taste and aroma, its price ranges from €6 to €60.

Cantine San Marzano Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria

2015 Ruby red red with sweet aromas of fruit, plums, ripe blackberries, cherry jam, spicy and fragrant notes of licorice, sandalwood, cardamom, pepper, tobacco, incense and cocoa.

The palate is rich, intense, explosive, but exquisitely balanced and elegant, powerful and full-bodied, but also soft and caressing 17,26 €.

Varvaglione Papale Linea Oro Primitivo di Manduria

It is a dark red wine with aromas of kirsch, plum and spicy oak ultra-silky on the palate, with layers of spice and ripe black cherry and blueberry, opulent and intense €20.48.

Ognissole Primitivo Di Manduria 2015

Intense ruby red colored red with a bouquet of red fruit notes such as blackberry and cherry and spicy notes on the nose with lots of softness, harmony, dense and soft tannins and good balance on the palate €6.10.

Gianfranco Fino Primitivo Di Manduria Dolce Naturale Es Piu Sole 2012

Bright and intense garnet colored wine with aromas of ripe fruit, jam, blackberries, plums and black cherries, tertiary tones of chocolate, tobacco and spices, with warm and full-bodied flavor, soft, sweet, very long persistence 52,95 €.

Rated 94/100 by the critic Robert Parker

Luccarelli Primitivo Il Bacca Old Vine 2016

A very intense ruby red color with garnet reflections, the nose presents complex bouquet with hints of ripe red fruit, plum jam, vanilla and cocoa. On the palate it reveals a robust and velvety body, with a lingering finish with notes of chocolate 26 €.

San Marzano Primitivo Anniversario 62 Riserva 2015

Intense and elegant ruby red in color, this wine presents a wide and complex aromatic range, with notes of plums, cherry jam, hints of tobacco and slightly spicy.

A full-bodied, smooth wine, rich in noble tannins, with a finish that finishes with hints of cocoa, coffee and vanilla 26,90 €.

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