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+12 Mexican alcoholic beverages that you must try!

do you like Mexico and want to know about its alcoholic beverages? Mexico is well known thanks to its exquisite gastronomy, its culture and above all for its Mexican alcoholic beverages.

The Aztecs have always been fond of liquor since their beginnings. Mexico presents a wide gastronomic range and there are some drinks that enjoy certain popularity, and both tequila and mezcal are Mexican flagship alcoholic beverages.

Their fame is such that they have managed to leave aside other beverages that undoubtedly enrich Mexico’s culinary diversity.

+12 Mexican alcoholic beverages you have to try

Mexico is not only tequila, mezcal and spicy, it also includes a wide range of Mexican alcoholic beverages that are full of flavor, quality and freshness, and why not also spicy.

And it is no secret that this unique spice has a great connotation, so we will give you some that you should know to expand your knowledge about this beautiful country.


It is one of the Mexican alcoholic beverages that is macerated in cane brandy, and mixed with other fruits such as blackberry, lemon, orange, guava and apple to achieve its interesting flavor.

It is made in the state of Puebla, and is usually consumed during the Huasteca festivities.


It is one of the Mexican alcoholic beverages made from the agave plant, but it also uses other parts of it to achieve its characteristics.

It is a beverage made exclusively through the fermentation process and its history dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when the indigenous people fermented the sap of the maguey plants to prepare their beverages.

Pulke is currently very popular in rural and peripheral areas of Mexico.


It is a Mexican alcoholic beverage that is traditionally made in a clay pot over firewood, with cane alcohol and orange juice, although lime or tangerine juice can also be used.

In addition, raisins, tejocote, cinnamon, nuts, apple, guava, pineapple, cane, peanuts, almonds and sugar are added to this drink.

This drink is very particular and needs to be mixed with an iron spoon, and then it is flamed to acquire its peculiar flavor.

It is prepared in the town of Calimaya, municipality of Valle de Toluca, and its presence has expanded to Metepec, San Antonio la Isla, Tenango del Valle and Toluca.


It is a very refreshing Mexican alcoholic beverage that is prepared with beer, lemon juice and salt, although in some popular establishments in Mexico they also add sauces in its preparation.

It is a very refreshing and well known drink that enjoys great popularity throughout the Mexican territory, who are looking for a Michelada to enjoy in the afternoons.


It is a Mexican alcoholic beverage that has a very low level of alcohol, so it is known as a kind of soft and fresh sweet beer.

It is obtained through the fermentation of the juice and pulp of fruits such as pineapple, guava, apple, prickly pear or orange, which after a few weeks ends up becoming a kind of vinegar.

The Tepache is made in some indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Querétaro, Guerrero, Puebla, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Sonora, Veracruz, Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Chiapas and Morelos. This drink has the custom of being made with corn as a religious tradition of the Mayan culture.


It is an orange liqueur with cane and orange flavor rested in white oak barrels, it is the traditional drink of Toluca and the particularity of this liqueur made with orange.

It has graduations which are quite similar to mezcal, so it ranges from the mildest flavors to those that really feel like a mosquito bite.


This is an alcoholic beverage considered the sister of tequila, its production is almost the same, and some have even considered it similar to mezcal.

It has been made since pre-Hispanic times, when the indigenous people of northern Mexico used the flesh of the soto pineapples cooked in subway ovens, which became something sweet and nutritious that led it almost exclusively to be used as food.


It is the typical drink of the state of Michoacán, this delicacy is obtained through the distillation and rectification of fermented musts.

Its elaboration process is quite similar to that of rum, however its flavor is especially sweet derived from the mixture of sugar cane juice and piloncillo.

Barley Water

It is a drink made in the state of Nayarit, and in this town barley water is prepared by mixing barley powder with water, sugar, a little whole cinnamon and ice to taste.

Once the mixture has been made, it must ferment for a few days so that it is ready to be enjoyed during the summer festivities.


is a Mexican alcoholic beverage obtained through the distillation of a type of agave known as yaqui or yaquiana, however, unlike tequila, this beverage is sweeter and contains a higher amount of alcohol.

It is typical of the state of Sonora, and its origin dates back more than 300 years.


Mezcal is one of the Mexican alcoholic beverages par excellence. It is made from the distillation of the heart of the maguey, a plant very similar to the penca.

As there are different agaves, there are different mezcals, with unique aromas and flavors. Inside a very peculiar hearth, which is represented by a hole in the floor covered with stones heated by fire, the pineapples are placed and covered with stalks of the same plant.

Then, after 3 days of cooking, they are crushed and fermented, to finally go through a distillation process in clay pots, which results in a strong drink that is synonymous with Mexico.


Tequila is the best known Mexican alcoholic beverage in the world, obtained through the distillation of musts, prepared directly and originally from the extracted material derived from the heads of the Agave tequilana.

Subsequently hydrolyzed or cooked, and subjected to alcoholic fermentation with yeast, cultivated or not. Tequila is colorless or colored according to its maturation, its particular flavor makes it an original drink that is par excellence for many the flavor of Mexico. Mexican alcoholic beverages are part of its culture and gastronomic diversity, so when visiting the Aztec country we can find an impressive variety capable of making enjoy from the softest and most refined palates to those palates looking for stronger and full-bodied flavors.

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