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The best beers in the world according to the experts’ opinion

do you know which are the best beers in the world? There are many varieties of beers that exist today around the world, and this charming drink enjoys a good reputation thanks to the acceptance of both young people and adults who find in it the possibility to refresh themselves and enjoy a quality beverage.

Every year competitions are held around the world that seek to catalog this fascinating drink as the best beers in the world, some of them are recognized, others not so much, but nevertheless all are made with a single purpose, to discover within the number of beers that exist which are the best according to their quality and organoleptic qualities.

The Best Beer in the World according to the experts

Every year different competitions are held in which medals, awards and labels are awarded to those beers that, thanks to their quality, can be considered the best in the world.

This competition includes German, Spanish, Belgian, English and even American beers which are positioned as the best and it is clear that mentioning only one is very complicated due to the wide existing range.

So we bring you the names of the most recognized so that if you have the opportunity to try them sometime you can draw your own conclusions.

+4 Best Beers in the world that you have to try

There are many beers that enjoy popularity around the world and that thanks to their quality, flavor and freshness manage to captivate the most exquisite palates and that are responsible for choosing which are the best among the extensive existing variety.

Mira Brune Nº6 Beer

It is a French beer catalogued as the best American Brown Ale in the world, and its intense dark color with good persistent foam gives it the perfect touch that captures the attention of anyone.

It presents a pleasant balance of malty toffee flavors and a slightly citric bitterness that make it special, plus its tasty hop flavors are well expressed without being too dominant, which makes it a spectacular drink.

Hobgoblin IPA Beer

It is considered one of the most important beers in the United Kingdom, it is recognized worldwide as the best IPA in the world.

Hobgoblin IPA is a beer with a lot of character, accompanied by tropical and citric aromas that give it the perfect touch and make it a delight when it comes into contact with the palate.

It has an alcohol content of 5.6%, which makes it special and a winner.

Jopen Life’s a Beach Beer

It is a beer of Dutch origin that has been recognized as one of the best beers in the world in different competitions for many years, and it has a very low alcohol content that makes it a soft, subtle and refreshing drink.

Designed to be enjoyed during summer days in the company of the sea, it has hints of lemon, papaya, pineapple, mango and citrus flavors that make it a delight that captivates the youngest.

Baden Baden Bock Beer

A German-style Brazilian Lager recognized as the best Bock in the world, it has a lovely dark copper color with aromas of pink malt and breadcrumbs.

Light roasted notes and sweet toffee flavor with toasted grains give it a medium body with a sweet finish that makes it a delight that we must try sometime in life.

+12 Names of beers you should know and try

Beers travel the world and each country places names that make them a standard, so we will give you some names of beers that you should know and if you have the opportunity to try.

  • Guinness: A very well known beer of Irish origin and that within this wonderful country is an institution. Brewed since 1759, Guinness represents the best of Ireland thanks to its flavor and quality.
  • Estrella Galicia: A Spanish beer brewed since 1906 that today represents Galicia and has become an icon thanks to its quality, flavor and aroma.
  • Corona: A Mexican beer that is available in more than 180 countries and is accepted by all kinds of public.
  • Heineken: A Dutch beer that has been produced since 1864 and is very popular today. Heineken is synonymous with quality and freshness.
  • Pilsner Urquell: The first Pilsner in history, and considered one of the best blond beers in the world. It has been brewed since 1838 by the Czech Republic, and its quality, taste and freshness make it an unprecedented delight.
  • Carlsberg: A beer brewed in Denmark since 1847 and is recognized thanks to its density, which has led it to travel to 50 countries where today we can find and enjoy it.
  • Super Bock: Brewed since 1927, it is the best-selling Portuguese beer in the world and internationally recognized for its good quality.
  • Chimay: A Belgian beer brewed since 1862 that has a great acceptance among the public thanks to its beautiful color and excellent quality, undoubtedly a blonde beer to enjoy one hundred percent.
  • Warsteiner: A German beer brewed since 1753 and that thanks to its strength and balance manages to refresh the palate creating a delicious trail.
  • Quilmes: A beer of Argentine origin that has been brewed since 1888 and is recognized thanks to its quality and freshness, which has led Quilmes to be today an institution of reference both internally and externally.
  • Moretti: An Italian beer brewed since 1859, and which, thanks to its flavor, represents an icon within the Italian beer industry. Fame and quality make Moretti the flagship beer of this important country.
  • Asahi: A Japanese beer born in 1886 that has become the most consumed beer in Japan. Quality, flavor and freshness make it a delight that you must try.

The best known beer brands thanks to their quality and taste

There are many brands of beer that have emerged over the years, some remain for a long time leading the preference of many palates while others are gradually moving up the category.

Defining which are the best brands is a difficult task so we do not intend to say which is better or worse, so we will give you some names of beer brands that you should know and enjoy at some point, and if you are planning to visit a country know what you can refresh yourself with.

  1. Budweiser: A beer of North American origin that enjoys great fame and prestige.
  2. Brahma: A beer of Brazilian origin that has traveled the world establishing its breweries in more than 50 countries.
  3. Tecate: A Mexican beer that has been gradually gaining ground in the preference of many.
  4. Now: A Chinese beer that enjoys good popularity thanks to its quality and flavor.
  5. Águila: A well-known Colombian beer that has traveled throughout Colombia, filling the country with flavor
  6. Stella Artois: A beer of Belgian origin that travels the world and is positioned as one of the most delicious beers there is.
  7. Amstel: A delicious beer from the Netherlands that is positioned as one of the best you can taste.
  8. New Castle: From South Africa to the world comes a refreshing beer known for its quality.
  9. Polar: A Venezuelan beer that enjoys prestige and quality, its flavor and freshness make it the favorite of all, even in other latitudes.
  10. Cass: A South Korean beer that has been recognized by specialists thanks to its taste and quality.

The 10 best beers in the world according to the experts’ opinion

There are beers for every palate and each style has its great number of followers, blond, black, red or toasted beers make this refreshing and delicious alcoholic beverage a passion that is gaining ground over others.

For this reason, expert brewers have chosen the best beers in the world, here we bring you their names so you can get to know them.

Taxman Brewing Company Maple Vanilla Evasion

A beer from the United States recognized by experts as the best of 2019 within the Best Flavored Beer category.

The combination between its special ingredients such as vanilla, sugar and maple make it fantastic. Thanks to its high alcohol content, it has the perfect balance and makes it a sweet beer.

Votus 001

A beer of Brazilian origin that has been recognized as the best IPA thanks to its English style.

Its herbal notes and small touches of caramel give it the perfect touch to accompany its bitterness, leading it to surpass Belgian, French and even Irish beers.


This is a Spanish beer recognized as the best Lager of the 2019 season, a double malt Märzenbier style beer with double the body and double the flavor. A beer of great complexity and aromatic intensity that make it a delight.

Vandalia Alazán Pale Ale

A Spanish beer recognized as the best English style Pale Ale of 2019, it is light with fruity touches and a balanced bitterness that lead it to be the undisputed winner, a delight that must be tasted.

Cassels Milk Stout

A New Zealand beer recognized by experts as the best stout & porter beer of this 2019. Its hints of milk chocolate and vanilla give it a special aroma and flavor of great relevance, which has led it to dethrone even the great Guinness.

Lindongjiangzhi Weizenbock

A Chinese beer recognized by experts as the best wheat beer of 2019, flavor quality and body make it a delight that surprised even the most exclusive palates.

Schwarzbräu Schweden Pils

This is a Bavarian beer that has to its credit more than 500 medals and awards that classify it as one of the best in the world.

It is a traditional Czech-style bottom-fermented beer, blonde, with medium bitterness and little body, brewed with a good dose of Tettnanger hops that gives it a spicy and somewhat acid touch.

Rodenbach Vintage

This is a mixed fermentation beer, with an alcohol content of 7%, aged for two years in oak barrels, with each bottle indicating the number of the barrel to which it belongs.

A special beer of intense and complex flavor with hints of sour apple, cherry, vanilla, caramel, honey, chocolate and, of course, oak wood that make it a world-renowned delight.

Insel Brauerei Quadriga

This is a fresh and fruity beer of German origin that almost looks like sparkling wine with a cloudy golden color that pairs perfectly with salads, chicken, white fish and creamy cheeses that has been recognized by experts as one of the best specialty beers during 2018.

Macondo Coffee Stout

A Colombian beer recognized during 2018 as the best flavored Stout in the world by brewing experts. It is a black beer, which has an alcohol content of 5.8% that make it robust.

Its ingredients such as vanilla, oats, and its most outstanding component, a coffee infusion that gives it its authentically Colombian touch delicious that pleases the palate. The beers are a refreshing beverage that has the acceptance of almost all the general public, flavor, freshness and aroma make it a delight that envelops the palate in a unique sensation thanks to the foam that characterizes it.

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