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+12 Spanish alcoholic beverages Tradition and delicious flavors!

are you interested in knowing which are the Spanish alcoholic beverages? Spain is one of the European countries with a wide gastronomic range.

To talk about the Iberian country is undoubtedly to delight with its wide diversity of dishes and drinks, which make it a special and charming place.

Each region of Spain has its own beverages and its own cultural and gastronomic charm, so we can find a diversity of flavors and aromas that will make our journey a magical moment to enjoy, so we will give you some names that you should keep in mind when visiting this beautiful nation.

The 12 main Spanish alcoholic beverages you will love

To think of Spain is to move to its flavors, with its wide range of dishes and beverages that are so well known worldwide.

Iberian products manage to satisfy the most demanding palates when it comes to enjoying a good liquor. Therefore, we will know part of the diversity of Spanish alcoholic beverages that we can find and that you will undoubtedly love.


Sangria is one of the best known Spanish alcoholic beverages worldwide, its perfect combination of wine and seasonal fruits.

They manage to create a refreshing and flavorful delight that seduces the most exquisite palates, who will also have the opportunity to taste a drink with variants according to the area where it is made. Sangria is made with red wine, fruit in small pieces, honey to sweeten, and in some cases it is even accompanied by another liquor to give it more strength.

As we know that according to the place where it is elaborated it can have charming variants, so it should be left to stand for several hours in cold before drinking it in order to enjoy it in all its splendor.


Cider is very well known and has a great number of followers who love its flavor. It is made with fermented apple juice.

This gives it a delicious and very particular flavor that calls to continue enjoying it for a long time because when it comes into contact with the palate the taste buds keep a feast. Cider is synonymous with celebration and joy so it is undoubtedly the perfect choice to enjoy in style, and from Asturias it travels the world leaving a trail of flavor that seduces as it passes.


It is one of the Spanish alcoholic beverages originating in Galicia, obtained by distilling the skin of the grape. And it is a spirit that is usually consumed after a meal, after dessert and usually after coffee. Orujo is very popular in Spain and every day it gains more and more followers who find in its flavor a perfect ally to enjoy since it should be consumed very cold.


It is a Spanish alcoholic drink made in Andalusia with coffee, sugar, cinnamon, rose petals and brandy. It is a drink that dates back to the 17th century, and is very typical of Christmas for its efficiency in combating the cold, but it can also be reinvented for those summer days and served in a glass with ice to make it more refreshing.


It is one of the typical Spanish drinks and comes from the Basque Country but nowadays it is widely consumed in all parts of the Iberian country.

Its ingredients are red wine and coca cola, so it is especially popular among young people who are looking for refreshment and enjoyment. Different variations have been emerging as this delicious drink has become more popular, so it is even an excellent companion to enjoy savory and more spicy dishes are perfectly combined with this lovely and refreshing drink.


Cava is an appellation of origin of sparkling wines made with traditional method, in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

Depending on the amount of sugar added in its elaboration, there are different types of cavas such as brut nature, extra brut, brut, extra dry, dry and sweet. Cava is one of the most famous Spanish alcoholic beverages and is part of the Spanish gastronomy, so it usually accompanies various dishes full of flavor.

At the same time that it is also usually drunk alone as an aperitif, the truth is that either way, cava is one of the greatest delicacies that the Iberian country has to offer.

Liqueur 43

It is a golden-colored Spanish liqueur, made, according to legend, from 43 different citrus fruits, fruits and spices from the Mediterranean.

Its sweet and very versatile flavor makes it a charm that catches palates in its path, and it is one of the Spanish alcoholic beverages that you have to try sometime in your life. Liqueur 43 is one of the Spanish alcoholic beverages that is usually drunk with ice, milk, vanilla milkshake, but it is also usually mixed with orange, cola, lemon or in cocktails. It is even used to be accompanied by espresso coffee, giving it a unique and exclusive touch


Wine is one of the most important Spanish alcoholic beverages, and it is one of the main products of domestic consumption and that travels the world thanks to its high quality and flavor.

We can find within its wide range of reds, whites and rosés that are its flavor and aroma captivates the vast majority. Wine is a drink that can be beneficial for the body, as long as its consumption is in moderation, since it contributes in a healthy way to the good development of the blood flow.

Among other qualities, which has led it to maintain a good reputation and its production has managed to be maintained over time.


The rebujito is a typical Spanish alcoholic drink from Andalusia, it is also a very common drink in the Andalusian fairs.

As in the Feria de Abril, Feria del Caballo de Jerez, as well as in the pilgrimages, and became known outside Andalusia in the mid-90s. It is made from wine, manzanilla or fino, along with a lemon-flavored drink such as Sprite or Seven Up and lots of ice.

This makes it an ideal refreshing drink to always enjoy during hot days and parties, where having a good time is the most important thing.

Valencia Water

It is one of the most popular drinks in Spain, is made by mixing orange juice, cava, vodka and gin, and sugar, is drunk in a Pompadour type champagne glass and served very cold, which makes it a refreshing and charming delight that dazzles in its path. Valencia water is usually drunk in a group, since it is prepared in a pitcher and is ideal for parties or meetings.

It has become so popular over the years that there are even different variants such as Agua de Murcia, which substitutes orange for lemon, to mention just a few.

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon sorbet is well known and usually accompanies weddings and other celebrations, and its freshness and easy drinking make it a perfect adventure to enjoy in style.

It is made with lemon ice cream, sugar and cava, which makes it the perfect companion to consume after a hearty meal.


This is a typical Galician alcoholic beverage, and its preparation dates back to the Celtic inhabitants who inhabited the region centuries before Christ.

It is made from sugar, lemon peel, fruit and brandy, which are stirred in an earthenware pot with a ladle that is set on fire and to which sugar is added, which will eventually become caramel. The queimada is a tradition and is consumed hot and as the alcohol is recited the well-known incantation of the queimada, a mystical moment full of Mouchos, coruxas, toads and bruxas.

Spain is rich in gastronomy so its drinks have a great variety, which makes them a delight that can make any type of palate that wants to delight with unique flavors full of quality sigh and rave, so if you visit the Iberian country do not hesitate to try one of its fascinating alcoholic beverages.

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