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Alcohol vinegar Natural preservative!

how is alcohol vinegar made? Vinegar is one of the accompaniments used to season food and has been part of the table of thousands of people for many years. It is not only used to flavor or preserve food, but also to benefit our health.

One of those vinegars that thanks to its properties can enhance our life is precisely the alcohol vinegar. A product that contains natural properties that are worth knowing and taking into account when it comes to improving the functioning of our body.

Alcohol vinegar is one of the best known in the world, and for years it has been used as a remedy for the treatment of some pathologies or conditions suffered by some people, so it is not just any product.

what is alcohol vinegar?

Alcohol vinegar is one of the most widely used vinegars in the world. It is made from the fermentation of grain alcohol, so it has an intense and bitter taste. In addition to containing between 4 and 7 percent acetic acid and about 93 and 96 percent water.

It is an ingredient that stands out thanks to its antimicrobial properties, which allows it to treat some diseases of the human body, while it is often used as a great natural purifier. As you can imagine, its production process is the same as that of all the other types of vinegar that exist.

That is to say, the action of acetic bacteria allows the fermentation of ethyl alcohol into acetic acid and for this the bacteria need certain conditions of acidity and alcohol concentration so that the reaction can be carried out as it should be.

Alcohol vinegar Natural preservative!

Benefits of alcohol vinegar

Alcohol vinegar has natural properties that contribute to improve our quality of life. But not only does it impact our health in a positive way, it can also be used in our meals or as a natural cleaner that will disinfect our home.

  • Antimicrobial: One of the most outstanding benefits of alcohol wine is that it is a potent antimicrobial, so it is positive if we want to treat nail fungus, warts and ear infections, but that’s not all, it has also been recommended by experts for the topical treatment of infections and skin burns.
  • Relieves stomach pain: Everything seems to indicate that it contains anti-inflammatory properties, so applying it in the lower stomach area doing a small massage allows to get relief in a time of about ten minutes.
  • Relieves headache: Just by applying a little alcohol vinegar on the temple you get considerably reduce the headache, studies show that stimulates the brain.
  • Levels blood sugar levels: Everything seems to indicate, according to studies carried out, that ingesting alcohol vinegar with meals manages to level the levels of sugar and insulin in the blood.
  • Reduces cholesterol: Its natural properties contribute to the elimination of bad cholesterol, improving blood flow.
  • Helps to lose weight: Vinegar gives a feeling of satiety to those who consume it, which is why it is recommended when you want to lose weight, as it stimulates the metabolism and avoids the need to eat before the established hours, also acts as a powerful fat burner allowing to reduce the abdomen.
  • Antioxidant: Its natural components allow us to fight free radicals which in turn translates into boosting our immune system and prevents aging.
  • Protects the heart: Its immediate action reduces cholesterol while lowering blood pressure, which prevents heart disease.

Benefits of alcohol vinegar

what are the properties of alcohol vinegar?

For a long time vinegar has been used as a dressing that accompanies salads mainly. However, it is a powerful product that can improve our health and alleviate some conditions thanks to its qualities.

  • It is antiseptic
  • It is antimicrobial
  • It is an antioxidant
  • It is a powerful preservative
  • Facilitates iron absorption
  • It acts as a powerful fat burner
  • It has nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, zinc, magnesium, potassium and sodium
  • Provides vitamins A, B, C, C, D, E and K
  • Provides proteins to the organism

how to make alcohol vinegar?

Making alcohol vinegar at home is very simple, it is only necessary to have the necessary utensils and get down to work to obtain a condiment that gives flavor to our meals. In addition it contributes nutrients to our organism that favor a healthier life.


  • Mother of homemade or commercial vinegar
  • 12 ounces of sulfite-free wine
  • 12 ounces of distilled water

How to prepare

  1. Place in a wide-mouthed glass container, previously sanitized, the wine together with the distilled water
  2. Add the mother of vinegar, which has the necessary bacteria to begin the process of converting the ethanol into acetic acid through fermentation
  3. Seal the glass container with a clean cloth and an elastic band to prevent the passage of any external agent that could damage the preparation
  4. Store the container in a dark area with good air circulation for 2 months, the vinegar is generated between 15°C and 34°C (59°F and 90°F).
  5. During the two months that the container with the liquid must remain at rest, it is important not to stir, touch or move it.
  6. When the estimated time has elapsed, remove the clean cloth that covers the container and place a straw that allows to extract a little of the vinegar without moving the mother formed on top of it
  7. Taste a small sip of the extracted vinegar, if you notice that its flavor is too weak, cover the container again and let it ferment for two more weeks.
  8. Once the estimated time has elapsed, it is necessary to taste again in order to determine if our vinegar is at the desired point.
  9. If it is ready, it is necessary to remove the mother formed at the top. If you wish you can keep it in a container to make more vinegar.
  10. In case you want the alcohol vinegar to last longer, we can proceed to pasteurize, for this we must place the vinegar in a medium saucepan
  11. Place the pot over medium low heat and with the help of a thermometer check the temperature, when it reaches 60°C turn off the heat and let the vinegar cool to room temperature
  12. Once our recipe is ready, we proceed to bottle our new homemade vinegar
  13. Place a fine filter in a glass bottle and pour the vinegar through it, in this way we will obtain a liquid free of any type of external agent that may impair its quality.

Undoubtedly, including alcohol vinegar in your daily diet will benefit your health, and throughout our article we leave for you useful steps to make alcohol vinegar.

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