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Bartender: The protagonist behind the bar

do you want to know what a Bartender is? Many are the lovers of the cocktail bar and all that it contains, but many times we do not know exactly what a Bartender is and what is its function, that is why we will tell you what their job is so that you know more about this person so unique and important in the bar.

Whenever we visit a bar to relax a little and enjoy a good cocktail, we see that behind the bar there is a person who with agility, skill and charisma is in charge of preparing the drinks that the attendees want, but little do we know about his function.

what is a Bartender?

A bartender is the person who serves behind the bar of a restaurant, discotheque or bar, is the one who serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and is the one who mixes various ingredients to prepare classic and special drinks, is in short, the person in charge of the cocktail bar in the place

. A bartender is also sometimes, and in certain establishments, responsible for receiving payment for the drinks, keeping the liquors and glassware in order, as well as keeping the bar area clean.

what are the functions of a Bartender?

As the bartender is the person in charge and responsible for preparing the drinks inside the establishment, he/she must have certain knowledge and skills, here we will tell you some of them.

A bartender knows all the cocktails
  • The bartender must know the recipes of the classic cocktails approved by the International Bartenders Association.
  • A bartender must know how to combine ingredients to create new cocktails, as well as have extensive knowledge of drinks and brands.
  • The bartender must know and master well the service protocols, since he/she is the person who interacts the most with the public at the bar.
  • A good bartender must be fluent in more than one language, since he/she may receive visits from tourists who wish to order a cocktail and enjoy the place.
  • The bartender must be in constant communication with the other departments of the establishment, as this keeps the work flow in harmony and balance.
  • A bartender must be in constant learning, and as the world evolves so do the disciplines, that is why he must have practice and skill with Flairtending, a very striking acrobatic modality within the cocktail industry that attracts many followers.
  • A bartender is in charge of supplying ice and serving pastries to the customers sitting at the bar in order to provide a better service.

what is a bartender for in an establishment?

A bartender is, as we all know, the person who serves the public behind the bar and prepares the cocktails offered by the place, and is also in charge of inventorying and controlling the liquors sold at the bar.

A bartender attends to the customers to make them feel good at the bar, he even prepares his own signature drinks to surprise and please.

Bartender’s kit to make successful cocktails

A good bartender must carry with him a kit of utensils that allows him to prepare his cocktails successfully, for this we will discover which are the equipment that every bartender must have to surprise the public with his magic from behind the bar.

what are the utensils that a bartender’s kit must have?


Also known as cocktail shaker and shaker, it is a metal mixing glass that comes with a small strainer where the liquids are placed to prepare the cocktail.

We can find them in the market with an endless number of different designs and it is one of the main utensils of the cocktail kit that every bartender must have. You can buy it here


This is one of the most important utensils for the bartender, as it is in charge of separating the drinks prepared with the mixing glass from those ingredients that we do not want to be in our final preparation.

Therefore, when we serve the drink over new ice or if we want to serve only the drink, a strainer is required to separate solid ingredients such as herbs, fruits or ice, so it can never be missing in a bartender’s kit. You can buy it here


It is a measuring glass that is of vital importance to prepare any cocktail, has two cones at each end to calculate the measures.

And it is essential to measure well the quantities that a cocktail will take. This essential utensil can be found on the market in both ounces and centiliters. You can buy it here

Bar spoon

It is a spoon with an elongated handle that allows us to reach the bottom of the glass and mix the ingredients of the cocktails properly, and its handle has a spiral or braid design that allows less bubbles to be lost when we serve those carbonated drinks such as tonic. You can buy it here

Cutting board

Every bartender should have a good cutting board to chop the fruits or other ingredients needed to prepare the cocktail. You should also carry a set of knives that allow you to carry out the chopping, so it becomes a necessary tool in any bartender’s kit. You can buy it here

Bottle dispenser

The bottle dispenser is a very beneficial utensil that allows serving the liquor more easily and prevents the liquor from dripping into the bottle.

That is why every bartender should have in his kit a complete set of these dispensers that will make the work much simpler and more elegant. You can buy it here


The mortar is a tool used to crush the ingredients. A mojito, for example, needs the use of the mortar to be prepared. This utensil that should not be missing in the bartender’s kit can be made of wood, plastic or metal. You can buy it here A bartender’s kit should also include other utensils that will allow you to prepare delicious cocktails and that are as indispensable as those mentioned above, these are:

  1. Ice bucket and ice tongs
  2. Corkscrew
  3. Ice crusher
  4. Juicer
  5. Grater

So if you are thinking about getting started in this wonderful world of cocktail making, you should think about acquiring a complete kit that allows you to take advantage of your knowledge and skills in the preparation of cocktails, some of them even come with a case or cover that allows you to carry it more easily with you. You can buy it here

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