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Craft Beer: A beverage that makes a difference

have you ever tried a craft beer? What is it? How is it made? Main characteristics: How many calories does it have?

Many countries are becoming more and more interested in the production of craft beer, its quality, characteristics and brewing methods make it a good choice when it comes to enjoying a unique drink full of nuances.

To talk about craft beer is to talk about creation, for many it is even considered an art since it is not only about the beverage, it is also about a bottle, a label and a name that makes the difference with respect to the others.

what is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a beverage made without additives, preservatives or pasteurizers. They are an evolutionary product with the presence of live yeast which may or may not be visible.

Craft beers are produced through a natural process from the grain and without using extracts or products other than water, yeast, hops and cereal to make the malt.

Characteristics of Craft Beer

Craft beers stand out thanks to their quality, flavor and color, which give each one of them their own identity and make them a delight that delights more and more palates every day, lovers of the freshness that is typical of this interesting beverage.

Características de la Cerveza Artesanal
Craft beer, a delight full of color and flavor that will surprise you

Craft Beer Color

Each craft beer has a characteristic color, which is given by the raw materials used in its production, and the wort is responsible for determining the color.

There are light malts and dark malts, and this directly influences the color of the beer, while the brewing process together with the water and yeast also have an impact.

Craft Beer Foam

One of the things that most identifies beer is its foam, and all beer must have a stable foam, which depends on the carbon dioxide content and the proteins that the beer contains in suspension and that make it so characteristic.

Alcoholic Content of Craft Beer

What identifies craft beer, apart from its color and flavor, is its alcohol content, which should not be high but rather moderate, so the appropriate alcohol content of craft beer is 4% to 5%, which captures the attention of both young people and adults.

Flavor of craft beer

The flavor is one of the most outstanding characteristics of craft beer, and we will not find strange flavors in it, we will find just the flavors of the malts with which it has been elaborated, which make it special and with greater robustness, body and persistence at the end.

History of Craft Beer

Historically, beer is one of the oldest products in existence; it is even believed to date back to 10,000 BC.

The Egyptians brewed beer from undercooked barley bread, which they left to ferment in water, and called this beverage zythum, which meant barley wine.

Craft beer, a very old drink that has endured over time

In China, beer was brewed and known as Kiu, which was made with barley, wheat, spelt, millet and rice, while the pre-Columbian civilizations of America used corn instead of barley for its production.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, in order to prevent cholera, beer was drunk instead of water, this was done by adults, babies and children, since all types of bacteria were eliminated due to the boiling process during its elaboration.

In the Nordic countries with very cold climates such as Germany or England, barley had a better crop than grapes, so beer production was better and greater than that of wine, making these regions great producers of beers.

This is why its history has been maintained throughout history, leading to maintain the elaboration of craft beer in spite of its industrialization, since each master brewer elaborates his own recipe, creating wonders full of flavor that make them stand out from the rest.

Craft Beer Process

The elaboration of craft beer is based on the German Purity Law imposed in 1516, which states that beer can only be brewed with water, malted barley and hops. Later, yeasts were included in the brewing process to contribute to its stabilization. Likewise, the brewing process is fundamental, since it is at this point where craft beer is brewed, for which it is essential to know the steps required, which may vary according to the taste of the brewmaster who brews the craft beer.

1.- Malting of Craft Beer

Once the cereal grain to be used for the elaboration of our craft beer is defined, which can be wheat or barley or any other cereal, it is submerged in water so that it begins to germinate and dry with hot air.

Depending on the degree of roasting, we will obtain lighter malts or darker malts that will give the beer its color.

2.- Milling and mashing of the Craft Beer

At this stage the cereal is ground and mixed with water at a suitable temperature, which allows the sugar to be extracted from the grain and thus obtain a sweet wort.

It is important to know that water is the main ingredient with more than 90% of the product, so the duration and temperature during the process influences the type of final beer and its digestibility for a pleasant consumption.

3.- Boiling of Craft Beer

The wort is boiled in order to eliminate any bacteria that may appear during the process, and it is at this point that the hops are added, which is the ingredient that provides the desired aroma and bitterness to our craft beer.

Its duration depends on each recipe, but it usually lasts a few hours.

4.- Fermentation of Craft Beer

Once the beer has undergone the boiling process, it proceeds to the point of fermentation, a step in which the yeast is added. Its enzymes transform the sugars in the wort into alcohol and determine the profile of the beer.

Therefore, if fermentation takes place at high temperatures, the result will be an Ale or top-fermented beer, while if it takes place at low temperatures, the result will be a Lager or bottom-fermented beer.

5.- Craft Beer Maturation

Once our craft beer has gone through the aforementioned steps, the resulting liquid is kept for some time in a maturation tank, where it will rest in cold so that the flavor and aromas achieved during the process are stabilized and the final product can maintain the desired character.

6.- Bottling of the Craft Beer

Once the craft beer is ready, it is bottled, which can be done in different formats and sizes, so that it can be placed in the hands of the brewers who will be in charge of its distribution for final consumption.

how long does craft beer last?

Craft beer does not expire, we can find a best before date reflected on the bottle, however many beers gain character and great flavor over the years.

However, the lighter a craft beer is, the less time it should be kept, and full-bodied beers with high alcohol content age better than those with a more refreshing and hoppy profile.

Light, temperature, humidity and position are decisive for it to last as long as possible in the best conditions.

  • Light: Exposing craft beer to direct light generates unpleasant odors such as sulfur, so it is advisable to place beers in dark rooms, closets or refrigerators where light does not penetrate.
  • Temperature: The colder the beer is, the better it will be. We can keep craft beer in the coldest place in the house, making sure that it is quite stable. Heat affects beer in two ways. Firstly, it accelerates its aging and degradation, while secondly, if there are large traces of live yeast in a beer, they could reactivate it, generating a change in its flavor and over-carbonation.
  • Position: Craft beers should always be placed in a vertical position to avoid further oxidation, in the bottles there is always a small amount of air, so if we place them vertically the surface of liquid that is touching the air is much lower than if we place them horizontally.
  • Humidity: The ideal is to keep craft beer bottles at a humidity of between 50% and 70%, since above this level it can favor the appearance of mold on the labels and corks of the bottles or rust on the caps, which affects the flavor of the beer.

Benefits of Craft Beer

Craft beer is made with water, malt, yeast and hops, which combined in different amounts provide a wide range of beers. When consumed in moderation, it can even be beneficial to our health thanks to the ingredients that make it up

Beneficios de la Cerveza Artesanal
Craft beer can benefit our health
  1. Prevents constipation: Craft beer is one of the beverages with the highest soluble fiber content, which facilitates proper bowel movements, thus maintaining better health.
  2. Keeps kidneys healthy: Craft beer is 90% water, so its moderate consumption reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.
  3. Prevents insomnia: Craft beer makes people drowsy and helps them sleep peacefully, thus combating stress.
  4. Prevents the formation of blood clots: Craft beer prevents the formation of semi-solid masses of blood that can block blood flow, thus contributing to good circulation.
  5. Extends life: Malt and hops, important ingredients in the elaboration of craft beer, possess polyphenols which prevent chronic diseases and cellular aging.
  6. Helps strengthen bones: Craft beer, thanks to its large amount of minerals, contributes to the strengthening of bone mass.

what are the Types of Craft Beer?

Craft beer can be classified into two types according to their fermentation, which are Ale and Lager, which in turn are subdivided into others that make them varied and ideal for all palates that want to enjoy.

Craft Ale Beer

This type of beer uses high fermentation yeast which are subjected to temperatures around 19 degrees during short periods ranging from 5 to 7 days often followed by a second fermentation that aims to reduce the turbidity of the beer.

They are usually beers made with a large amount of hops and high alcohol content. These beers can be light or dark, their bitter taste is one of the strongest, and they have an aroma of citrus notes accompanying their traditional amber color.

Craft Lager Beer

this type of craft beer is characterized by having a low fermentation during the brewing process, and in the last stage of the process it is stored in cellars at low temperatures, in order to clean its residues and stabilize its flavor, distinguishing itself thanks to its usually strong hop flavor.

what are the names of craft beers?

According to their type we can find Ale and Lager, which in turn have derived in different names thanks to their texture, flavor, color and origin, since craft beer has a great European influence, especially from Germany and Belgium, who through the years have maintained the craft production beyond the industrialization that this refreshing beverage has had.

According to their Ale classification, craft beers can be known by the following names:

Different names define craft ale beers

Pale Ale

pale ale is a whole family of light-colored beers, brewed with small proportions of roasted malt, they are usually very hoppy beers and therefore with a lot of flavor, some of them even become quite bitter.


It is a very alcoholic beer rich in hops designed to withstand long voyages to India. This beverage stands out above all for its bitterness.


A craft beer known in many countries as stout, it is very dark in color, made with a good proportion of roasted and caramelized malts and a good dose of hops. It has a thick, creamy texture with a strong malty aroma and a sweet aftertaste.


It is a beer belonging to the Ale group, it is less dark than the Stout, has a beautiful color and is also very rich in hops, which makes it a delight that you should try at least once.

Strong Golden Ale

It is a craft beer of Belgian origin, it is characterized by its intense flavor accompanied by a good dose of hops but with a sweet background.

Its color is usually marked by reddish tones although there are some completely blond, are quite alcoholic in many cases exceeding 6% and 7% alcohol content.


It is a craft beer of German origin made from wheat, and is characterized by its pale color somewhat cloudy, with a slight bitter taste and somewhat acidic, even standing out for being very frothy.


It is a craft beer of German origin of strong wheat, whose malty and fruity flavor makes it a delight, it is dark amber to a dark ruby brown color that makes it special and a good choice when it comes to enjoy.


It is known as the only true German Pale Ale, it is a soft and fresh beer with light body, its color can differ between very pale golden and soft golden.

It has a delicate malty flavor and an almost imperceptible fruity sweetness from its fermentation and a low to medium bitterness, with a delicate dryness and slightly spicy finish. According to its Lager classification, craft beers can be known by the following names:

Different names define Lager craft beers


It is one of the most commercial and consumed craft beers in the world, its flavor is quite light but intense because it is fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast at less than 10 degrees, often even below 5 degrees for one to three months, has an average alcohol content of between 3.5% and 5%, and is brewed with few hops.

American Lager

It is a very pale craft beer, highly carbonated, light-bodied and well attenuated, which gives it a very neutral flavor profile and low bitterness, it is usually very fresh which makes it quite pleasant and smooth.


It is a craft beer of German origin that is characterized by being strong, rich and very malty, it can have two variants and be pale or dark in color. Its darker versions are more developed with more pronounced malt flavors, while the paler versions have slightly more hops and dryness.


A very well known craft beer of German origin, making it one of the most popular in existence. Its dark color and strong malt flavor give it the perfect balance to taste the bitterness given by the hops with which it is brewed.


It is a craft beer of German origin with a very pleasant dark to black color that stands out for having a very dense, creamy and very white foam that seems to last forever


A German craft beer whose color can range from light to dark, it has a creamy texture that often suggests a full mouthfeel. It has a medium carbonation that can convey a slightly warming sensation.


A very elegant, malty, elegant German-style craft beer with a balanced and complementary wood smoke character.

Its richly roasted malt aromas and flavors, with restrained bitterness and a low to high smoke flavor make it a delight to the palate.

As we can see, craft beer presents a varied range that manages to capture the attention of each of the lovers of this delicious and refreshing beverage that can captivate from the most demanding palates to the less sophisticated palates that are looking for something different full of great flavor that will allow them to enjoy the moment more.

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