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Birch water Detoxifying infusion!

what is birch water and what is it for? There is a tree in Europe, Russia and China with amazing powers, it is the Birch tree. It allows us to extract water from its trunk and obtain nutrients that are beneficial to our body. Birch water has been consumed for many years in Nordic countries, its diuretic and detoxifying effects but at the same time, remineralizing can become a great ally to prevent fluid retention.… Birch water Detoxifying infusion!

Rosemary water with medicinal properties!

what are the benefits of rosemary water? How do you drink it? Rosemary is a plant with medicinal properties, which has made it a natural alternative to treat some ailments and health conditions. It is so popular in recent years that it has emerged a combination full of benefits, nothing more and nothing less than rosemary water. Rosemary water is a way to consume a plant full of benefits that enhance our health and regulates… Rosemary water with medicinal properties!

Parsley water for weight loss!

what are the benefits of parsley water? Parsley is an herbaceous plant that is often used as a spice to accompany different dishes of world cuisine. However, for some time now it has been combined with water to give way to an infusion full of unsuspected qualities. Parsley water can benefit our health and improve our quality of life, as it contains natural detoxifying and diuretic properties that help our well-being. In addition, parsley water… Parsley water for weight loss!

Hibiscus water Refreshing and with multiple benefits!

how is hibiscus water prepared? Jamaica water is a refreshing drink ideal to quench thirst on summer days when the heat tries to dehydrate the body. It has natural properties that benefit our health to a great extent. It is also considered by many as a typical drink, so if you visit some tropical countries you will see that Jamaica water is part of their daily life and one of their most consumed beverages. Jamaican… Hibiscus water Refreshing and with multiple benefits!

Rice water Nutritious and healthy!

what does rice water do? Rice is a cereal with great benefits, it has been used since ancient times thanks to its great mineral, vitamin and organic components that allow us to have a better life. That is why there is a drink full of qualities that includes it, we are talking about rice water, a formula that allows us to give our body benefits that many people do not know and that will undoubtedly… Rice water Nutritious and healthy!