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Lavender water Natural relaxant!

how is lavender water made? What is it and what is it for? Lavender is a plant well known for its aroma. It manages to impregnate the whole place where it is found and has served as inspiration for the elaboration of various products, among which we can highlight the lavender water. Lavender water is an infusion with relaxing properties that contributes to the well-being of the person who consumes it, and suffering from insomnia… Lavender water Natural relaxant!

Cucumber water for weight loss!

how to make cucumber water? Cucumber is a fruit with potential to contribute to our good health, it is diuretic, detoxifying and very fresh, so nowadays many people prefer it when it comes to take care of themselves and look good. One of the ways of its consumption is cucumber water, an option rich in benefits for the human body thanks to its great natural properties. Cucumber water is a low-calorie drink, so it is… Cucumber water for weight loss!

Tamarind water Natural purifier!

what are the benefits of tamarind water? Tamarind water is a well-known drink in some countries thanks to its freshness, flavor and antioxidant power. Because it has natural properties that make it a perfect ally to boost health. In addition, tamarind water is a natural purifier that allows to obtain direct benefits that benefit the body, so there are many who are seduced by this great drink when they know it in depth. Tamarind is… Tamarind water Natural purifier!

Cider vinegar Excellent companion!

what is cider vinegar and what is it used for? Vinegar has been part of the table of thousands of people for many years, already in ancient times it was used as a food preservative and even as a remedy to treat some diseases and ailments. Therefore, over the years some varieties have emerged, among which cider vinegar stands out. A delicious option when it comes to seasoning our food and that contains great benefits… Cider vinegar Excellent companion!

Barley water Refreshing and nutritious!

what are the benefits of barley water? Barley is a cereal rich in nutrients, which has turned it into a superfood. When complemented with water, it is a drink full of potential that can greatly benefit our organism. Barley water provides nutritional values to our body and at the same time serves to combat respiratory diseases thanks to its large amount of magnesium, which contributes effectively in reducing inflammation of the membrane of the bronchial… Barley water Refreshing and nutritious!