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Red Sweet Wine: Ideal to accompany desserts

have you tried Sweet Red Wine? Pairing, Characteristics and Prices. Sweet red wine is gaining more and more ground every day in the preference of those who are looking for red wines that are easy to drink and less complex than the classic reds.

Young palates are more and more inclined to look for sweet beverages seduced by their taste, which is why these wines are wines with a high percentage of sugar to please the taste of these new followers.

what is Sweet Red Wine?

Sweet red wine is a wine made with a high percentage of sugar while containing less tannic acid so its fruity flavor is usually more pronounced.

Origin and History of Sweet Red Wine

Historically, everything seems to indicate that sweet red wine has its origin thanks to the need of some winemakers during the XVI and XVII centuries to preserve the wine during its transportation by sea. Therefore, it could be said that red wines were sweeter than usual but with a great taste that makes it pleasant to the palate and that is why today it has a worldwide boom.

Characteristics of Sweet Red Wine

Sweet red wines are achieved thanks to a late grape harvest, in which a higher concentration of sugar is obtained in the grain.

  • It is a wine with a high alcoholic content
  • It is an easy to drink wine
  • It is slightly fruity
  • It has low acidity
  • It has low tannins

Color, flavor and aroma of sweet red wine

Sweet red wine is a very pleasant wine, its color, flavor and fruity aroma make it a delight.

  • Appearance: Bright red color with violet highlights
  • Nose: Fruity aromas of red fruits such as berries, cherries, raspberries, and raspberries
  • Palate: light, refreshing with bright flavors thanks to the notes of red fruit

Alcohol Content of Sweet Red Wine

Sweet red wine is usually easy to drink thanks to its pleasant sweetness which gives it a very striking fruity flavor. Its alcohol content is usually high, so we can find it between 15% and 16% alcohol content.

Types of Sweet Red Wine

The sweet red wine can be divided into three types according to its elaboration method:


These are sweet red wines made from grapes dehydrated in the open air in order to increase their sugar content.


These are those with added alcohol, in the middle of fermentation, alcohol is added to slow it down and at the same time preserve sugars.

Natural Sweet Wines

These red wines have a high sweetness.

Sweet Red Wine Pairing

Sweet red wine is a broth that can go well with desserts, so it will be a good choice for sharing. "Maridaje

  • Desserts: Especially those elaborated with fruits and chocolate
  • Salads: Those fresh ones full of flavor can go well with a glass of sweet red wine
  • Fruits: They harmonize perfectly by balancing the natural acidity of the fruits
  • Cheeses: Especially with those strong cheeses, their flavor is combined enhancing and balancing their own flavors

how is sweet red wine made?

Sweet red wine is elaborated under the sun-drying process so that the grapes lose more or less humidity and thus increase the concentration of sugar in the must.

According to the country of origin we can find a wine made with the varieties Corvina, Tinta Roriz, Monastrell or Garnacha tinta.

Characteristics of the grapes used to make Sweet Red Wine

Grapes are the most important in the elaboration of sweet red wine, so thanks to them we will obtain wines full of flavor.

Red grape varieties with sweet flavor

Corvina grape

A grape of Italian origin very famous for its quality

  • Medium-sized bunches
  • Thick skin
  • Late ripening
  • Low in tannins

Tinta Roriz grape

It is a well-known red variety that produces high quality fruity wines

  • Large cluster size
  • Medium to large berries
  • High vigor strains
  • High susceptibility to powdery mildew and medium susceptibility to downy mildew and black rot

Monastrell Grape

A grape variety with very sugary musts, good color and moderate yields

  • Medium to large cluster
  • Medium sized berries with bluish black epidermis
  • Medium to high vigor strains
  • Requires suitable soils to ripen well

Garnacha Tinta grape

A variety that produces wines with high alcohol content and fruity flavor

  • Medium to large cluster very compact
  • Medium sized berries with soft pulp consistency
  • Very vigorous vines
  • Poorly tolerant to soil moisture and waterlogging

Red Wine Temperature

The sweet red wine is a fresh wine that should be served at a temperature between 12°C and 14°C, where it will be able to show itself completely delighting the palate of those who enjoy it.

Price and best brands of Sweet Red Wine

The sweet red wine is a broth that conquers palates thanks to its charming flavor, we can find it with a price ranging from 6 euros to 120 euros.

Coto de Hayas Mistela

Intense cherry red color with violet edges, full of enveloping aromas with notes of overripe fruit, plums and raisined grapes with fine hints of caramel and bitter chocolate, which makes it powerful, tasty, with a sweetness and well integrated tannins, balanced and ample finish 9.84 euros.

Emendis Sweet Monastrell 2009

A deep, opaque, deep red with a deep purple rim, with a seductive bouquet of fruit compote, vinous and concentrated, with notes of coffee, macerated fruit and cocoa, which give it warmth 11.37 €.

AA Dolç Mataró 2017

A sweet wine of intense cherry red color with violet reflections, which highlights aromas of candied fruit with citrus notes, orange peel, green tea, plums, dried figs and blackberries that make it have an unctuous, sweet, balanced mouthfeel with good acidity 16.90 € 16.90.

L’Arco Recioto della Valpolicella 2009

Sweet intense cherry red color, with aromas of red fruits with hints of caramel that give it the balanced touch that lingers on the palate 72,20 €.

Quintarelli Recioto 2007

Intense red color, clean and bright that will not leave you indifferent thanks to its powerful aroma full of red fruits such as ripe cherry, raspberries that balance leaving a long and persistent finish on the palate 118,60 €.

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