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Inicio » Vino Grillo: A typical Sicilian white wine with a lot of flavor

Vino Grillo: A typical Sicilian white wine with a lot of flavor

do you know Grillo wine? Grillo is a grape variety grown in Italy, which is characterized by giving fresh wines with floral and citrus aromas that make it striking, and that has led it today to captivate palates looking for different wines.

The Grillo vine is used together with other grape varieties for the production of the well-known and famous Marsala, however, wine producers have become interested in using it alone to create white wines that have become popular thanks to their flavor and aroma.

what is Vino Grillo?

Grillo is a white wine produced in Italy with the grape variety from which it receives its name. It is a singular wine whose characteristics make it unique and unrepeatable.

Origin and History of Grillo Wine

Historically, everything seems to indicate that the first mention of the Grillo grape was in 1870. Studies also indicate that this variety may be the result of a cross between Catarratto Bianco and Muscat of Alexandria, and that it was known as Zibibbo. It was thought to be a grape variety from Puglia, but at the end of the 19th century plots were located in Sicily which confirmed that the grape is native to Sicily and it is now known as Grillo.

Characteristics of Grillo Wine

Grillo is an Italian white wine full of citrus and floral aromas that make it unique and pleasant

  • It is made from the Grillo grape variety
  • Refined structure
  • With aromas of herbs, flowers and citrus notes
  • It is a soft wine for the palate
  • Long-lived wines

Color, taste and aroma of Grillo wine

Grillo wine is a subtle, elegant and smooth white wine that allows you to enjoy thanks to its flavor.

  • Sight: Straw yellow color
  • Nose: It is an aromatic wine that reveals hints of herbs and floral notes accompanied by citrus tones
  • Palate: Fruity, with just the right touch of acidity to complete its refined structure and smooth palate

Alcohol content of Grillo wine

Grillo wine is a very pleasant white wine, its floral, herbal and citrus notes make it a wine with longevity potential. Its alcohol content is between 12% and 16%.

Types of Grillo Wine

Grillo is a white wine that, thanks to the characteristics of the vine with which it is made, obtains aromas and flavors that make it special.

Pairing of Grillo Wine

Grillo is a wine full of floral aromas that can be tasted on its own and serves as an excellent aperitif

A delicious companion thanks to its delicate flavor
  • Fish: An excellent accompaniment to fish dishes, whether grilled or in any other presentation
  • Seafood: A perfect combination that will bring out the flavor of the seafood
  • Meat: The ally when it comes to enjoy dishes elaborated with soft meats
  • Poultry: A good combination when enjoying a dish with poultry
  • Pasta: Delicious combination that will highlight the flavors
  • Rice: Excellent ally when enjoying rice dishes
  • Soups: Its natural characteristics will harmonize and balance the flavors
  • Desserts: Good with dry desserts
  • Dried fruits: Its delicate flavor combines perfectly with any dried fruit
  • Sausages: Especially with those of delicate flavor

how is Vino Grillo made?

Grillo wine is made from the grape variety called with the same name, it lends itself to aging in barrels, especially in French oak casks, developing impressive characteristics when aged.

Characteristics of the Grillo Grape

The Griilo grape is an Italian white wine grape variety widely cultivated in Sicily and very well known since it is used to make the well-known Marsala.

An Italian grape variety that gives whites with pleasant aromas
  • Medium to large berries
  • Yellow and spherical
  • Cone-shaped clusters
  • High sugar levels
  • High yielding
  • Withstands high temperatures

Grillo Wine Temperature

Grillo wine is characterized for being a cool wine, it is recommended to be served at a temperature between 6°C and 12°C.

Price and best brands of Vino Grillo

Grillo white wine is an accessible wine, its popularity has been growing in recent years thanks to its flavor and floral aromas, its price ranges from €9 to €30.

Feudo Disisa Grillo 2018

It is a soft straw yellow colored white wine full of floral aromas with citrus notes that make it very fresh €10,65.

Mandrarossa Grillo Costadune 2018

A pale-colored white wine with green hues, full of citrus aromas that make it fresh and very crisp €10.60

Alessandro di Camporeale Grillo V. Mandranova 2018

A wine of great freshness and aromaticity, its citrus and tropical notes combine with a very smooth finish €14.90.

Barraco Grillo 2018

A yellow wine with golden glints, in which the complexity of its fruity notes such as peach, apricot and tropical fruits, and notes such as saffron, citrus and almonds stand out, making it a complete, fresh, balanced wine with a long finish 22 €.

De Bartoli Grillo Integer 2017

It is a white wine full of elegance and ideal to accompany appetizers and first courses with fish or vegetables 28,50 €.

Tasca d’Almerita Grillo di Mozia 2018

It is a young wine of straw yellow color with golden reflections, with complex and typically Mediterranean aromas of very good acidity and vigorous structure 22 €.

Pellegrino Grillo Superiore Gazzerotta 2017

A white wine full of citrus aromas and flavors that make it fresh when interacting with the palate and give it soft structure 13 €.

Mansio Apollo 2017

Straw yellow wine witharomas of white berries, yellow plums, pears and peaches that give it a lot of freshness 14,50€.

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