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Vino sin sulfito: Naturally Fascinating

what are sulfite-free wines? There are many changes that take place in life and with them many things tend to change, such as tastes, which is why the world of wine has also been influenced. The sulfite-free wine is part of a trend that is gaining momentum as the days go by, and more and more people are looking to enjoy more natural things and with fewer chemical additives that can harm the body.

In order to preserve aromas in wine and eliminate certain bacteria, sulfites have been used in wine since ancient times, so it is common to find them in the wines we consume, however, today there is sulfite-free wine.

what is sulfite-free wine?

Sulfite-free wine is considered natural, and although it really contains natural sulfites from the fermentation process, it does not include them as additives as such in its elaboration. Sulfites are nothing more and nothing less than sulfur dioxide (SO2), they act as a preservative that is widely used in winemaking thanks to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Sulfite-free wine is that broth to which no sulfur dioxide is added during the winemaking process, so they are considered natural because, as mentioned above, they do not use chemical additives.

Characteristics of sulfite-free wine

Sulfite-free wine, also known as natural wine, is made without chemical additives that can alter the wine in any way; therefore, it is its own ingredients that naturally generate the fermentation and its different phases through the process itself. Among the main characteristics of sulfite-free winewe can mention the following:

  • The producers respect the environment above all, so they harvest the grape varieties naturally without the use of pesticides.
  • The producer uses ancient techniques of vine care and the minimum use of sulfur as a prevention against possible diseases of the vines.
  • This type of wine is made with the help of no added acid or yeast, so the care of the grapes is exhaustive, they must be healthy and the grapes must be transported with the highest standards of care and cleanliness.
  • Sulfuric acid is not used in the production of natural wines, however, at the time of fermentation, certain properties are naturally released that fulfill their function.
  • Traditional winemaking without added chemicals, with time spent in barrels and some stages used ancestrally for winemaking.
  • Direct bottling, that is to say, it has no clarification phase, so at the moment of serving, a totally natural wine is appreciated.
  • Its production is limited.

Benefits of sulfite-free wine

Sulfite-free wines are beneficial for health, since they are made without additives and tend to bring out the best of the vine itself. Among its benefits we can find:

  • It is a totally healthy product
  • It concentrates antioxidant substances much more
  • It does not produce headaches, migraines and hangovers thanks to the lack of sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide
  • It acts as an aging retardant
  • It is rich in polyphenols so it contributes to health

what are sulfite-free wines?

Sulfite-free wine is one that does not contain additives, its process is the same as that of traditional wine, but with certain minimal differences that make the difference, so that at the time of tasting we can find a broth with a much more natural and marked flavor.

At present, the number of houses dedicated to the elaboration of this type of sulfite-free wine has been increasing, which in turn has been positioning itself within the preference of many people who seek to take care of their health and prefer to avoid the entry into their organism of chemical substances that in the long run may have some side effect.

That is why we can find a variety of natural wines that somehow please the palate of those wine lovers who seek to take care of themselves much more, but still enjoy the benefits of a good wine. Reds, whites and sparkling wines are part of a range that is gradually rising within the world of alcoholic beverages. Some of the wines without sulfites that we can find and that have the public’s liking, we can find:

Brut Nature Ensayo de Burbujas – Barranco Oscuro

Brut Nature Reserva Ensayo de Burbujas, is a sparkling wine without sulfites elaborated under the traditional Brut Nature method, which makes it a very special wine, ideal to surprise anyone who does not believe in natural wines Characteristics of the Brut Nature Ensayo de burbujas wine

  • Sight: Pale yellow color.
  • Aroma: In nose we can find floral and herbaceous notes, lemon pear, crisp yellow plum, yeast, dried fruits, pastries, minerality, talc, citrus touches that make it fascinating.
  • Taste: In the mouth it presents pleasant acidity and a persistent bubble that adorns the Brut, in addition the notes captured in its aromatic phase can be appreciated.
  • Pairing: Ideal to accompany appetizers of all kinds.
  • Type of grape: It is made with Vigiriega.
  • Aging: It is aged for a minimum of 18 months in bottle in subway cellar at a temperature between 12 and 18ºC.
  • Price: Its price ranges between 16.95 euros.

Mahara 2015 – Winemaker Winery

This is a red wine without sulfites of great taste and that has conquered palates thanks to its quality, and it is presented as a mature, aromatic and expressive wine. Characteristics of Mahara Wine 2015

  • Appearance: Red color.
  • Aroma: On the nose aromas of ripe black fruit stand out.
  • Taste: In the mouth it is tasty, medium bodied, very balanced and long, with a surprising freshness that envelops the palate.
  • Food Pairing: Ideal with stewed lamb, sausages, roasted red meats, steak tartar and grilled pork.
  • Type of grape: It is made with Tintilla de Rota.
  • Aging: It is aged in used French and Hungarian oak barrels and in earthenware jars for 9 months.
  • Price: Its price ranges between 18.97 euros.

Vins Nus Siuralta Gris – Vins Nus Winery

This is a tasty, aromatic white wine without sulfites, ideal to surprise anyone who is looking for a new natural flavor free of chemical additives. Characteristics of the Vins Nus Siuralta Gris Wine

  • Appearance: Pale yellow color with golden glints.
  • Aroma: On the nose aromas with floral notes above the white fruit, very aromatic.
  • Taste: In the mouth it is fresh, with great agility and a very long finish.
  • Pairing: Ideal with grilled white fish, appetizers, eggs, cod and fish rice dishes.
  • Type of grape: It is made with Garnacha gris.
  • Aging: It is aged for 8 months in amphorae and small stainless steel tanks.
  • Price: Its price ranges between 24.26 euros.

Florecita Clarete Tinajas – Casa de Sí Winery

This is a very particular rosé wine without sulfites and it has two varieties that make it distinctive, also the grapes with which it is made have more than 80 years producing strains of great quality. Characteristics of Florecita Clarete Tinajas Wine

  • Appearance: Light pink color typical of claret.
  • Aroma: On the nose, its notes of white fruit and spices stand out, making it a very aromatic wine.
  • Taste: In the mouth it is fresh, persistent and with a long finish that envelops the palate.
  • Food Pairing: Ideal with stewed chicken, complex sauces, smoked foods, grilled vegetables and appetizers.
  • Type of grape: It is made with Garnacha Tinta and Garnacha Blanca.
  • Aging: It is aged for 12 months in vats.
  • Price: Its price ranges between 20.08 euros.

Eric Texier Côtes du Rhône Brézème Roussanne 2017

This is a sulfite-free wine of French origin from the AOC Côtes du Rhône Appellation of Origin and stands out for being a smooth and round wine with a good aromatic intensity that fascinates everyone who tastes it. Characteristics of Eric Texier Côtes du Rhône Brézème Roussanne 2017 Wine

  • Appearance: Intense yellow color.
  • Aroma: On the nose, its notes of peach, almond blossom and lime stand out.
  • Taste: In the mouth it is juicy, with white and yellow fruit, hints of almond and subtle bitterness that make it perfect.
  • Pairing: Ideal with fish rice dishes, appetizers and white meats.
  • Type of grape: It is elaborated with
  • Aging: It is aged for a few months in concrete tanks before bottling.
  • Price: Its price ranges between 17.89 euros.

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