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+10 Spanish beers that will delight your palate

do you know the Spanish beers? Spain is characterized by its good gastronomy and its quality in terms of wine, but it also has a wide range of beers capable of making any palate enjoy thanks to its firmness, flavor and qualities that have led them to be present in the preferences of the Spanish people.

Blond, toasted, full-bodied and light beers make Spanish beers a delight that we should try at least once to enjoy the best of the Iberian country with its freshness and to know a little more about the variety of beverages to enjoy.

10 Spanish beers ideal for cooling off during the summer

For beer lovers to know which are the most influential brands around the world is a way to keep up with what this delicious drink is about, while it is a way to keep in mind what to try if you visit another latitude, which is why we will give you the 10 best Spanish beers that you can not miss.

Damm Inedit Beer

This Spanish beer is Pale Ale style, brewed with barley malt, wheat, hops, coriander, licorice and orange peel, which gives it a cloudy appearance, as well as high intensity and aromatic complexity, as it is very fruity and floral with notes of fresh yeast and hints of sweet spices.

It has a creamy and fresh texture, soft volume and delicate carbonic, which give it a long aftertaste and a pleasant memory.

It has an alcohol content of 4.8% which makes it fresh and pleasant, so it can easily accompany any meal and make summer days much more bearable.

Alhambra 1925 beer

A well-known Spanish beer thanks to its quality and lovely green bottle, this is a bottom-fermented blonde Extra Lager brewed with barley and hops.

It has a nice golden amber color accompanied by a consistent foam and spongy texture. It presents aroma with slightly toasted notes, its round, constant and pleasant flavor gives it the perfect balance between bitter and sweet thanks to its orange and caramel sparkles, in addition to being accompanied by an alcohol content of 6.4%.

Estrella Galicia 1906

beer It is a very well known Spanish beer of Galician origin and it has a unique character that offers the best raw materials used in its production, which give rise to an elegant extra lager with pleasant toasted notes.

Brewed with water, barley malt, corn and hops. It presents a clean and bright amber color accompanied by abundant white foam, roasted malt aromas with soft notes of caramel and coffee that give it a flavor in which the toasted sensations predominate, perceiving a pleasant and well integrated warmth as it is tasted.

It has an alcohol content of 6.5% which makes it ideal to be enjoyed chilled.

Mahou Maestra

Beer It is one of the best known and recognized Spanish beers both inside and outside the Iberian Peninsula. It is brewed with malt, hops, yeast and water, it is of the Lager type and has a unique flavor characterized by the use of double hops.

It presents a nice golden color with clean and bright orange and coppery reflections that give it depth, while being accompanied by a thick white foam that gives it a good appearance.

Its aroma is complex and we can find notes of roasted malt that is balanced with herbal and mineral nuances which are accompanied by nuts, walnuts and marzipan that make it a delight.

Its flavor is moderately toasted but with sweet nuances that give it medium body and creaminess that give it the perfect touch to enjoy with its alcohol content of 7.5%.

San Miguel Beer 1516

It is a Spanish beer brewed following the German Purity Law enacted in 1516 by William IV of Bavaria, its ingredients are therefore water, malted barley and hops that gives beer lovers access to a standard of purity and tradition that should be appreciated.

It presents a bright golden color accompanied by a creamy and quite consistent foam, has aroma with notes of white fruit, caramel, cookie, toasted cereal, floral hops and honey that give it freshness.

While its flavor is of medium intensity, with a dry finish accompanied by notes of light cereal and cookie that give it the perfect touch to be enjoyed slowly.

It is a beer with an alcohol content of 4.2% that makes it the ideal companion to enjoy appetizers thanks to its smoothness and freshness.

Moritz Beer 7

It is a beer that represents an institution in Barcelona and has been brewed since 1856. It is a 100% malt, low-fermentation international lager.

It has a nice old gold color accompanied by a white, fluffy, abundant and fine effervescence foam, its aromas with notes of fresh bread and cookie with spicy background make it delicate.

It has an intense flavor with sweetness of toasted cereals and bitterness well balanced that provide moderate body with a slightly bitter and persistent aftertaste that make it a beer with strength and character and is accompanied by an alcohol content of 5.5%.

Amber Rye Beer

is a limited edition Spanish beer created by the Aragonese brewery and brewed with water, barley malt, rye malt, rice, hops and yeast that give it a unique flavor and a perfect texture that make it pleasant to the palate with an alcohol content of 6.4%.

Its brownish bronze color with golden rim accompanied by a beige, creamy and abundant foam of medium persistence give it the right body to enjoy, its sweet aroma with notes of ripe fruit and floral tips give it an unctuous palate, medium-high body, with hints of ripe fruit to finish with an astringent finish of balanced evolution that you must try.

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva 1904

Beer It is a very well known and valued Spanish beer, it is a special Lager type, brewed with water, barley malt, hops and hop extract that make it of great quality.

It has an alcohol content of 6.4%, ideal to be enjoyed chilled and perfect to accompany any meal.

It presents a dark amber color accompanied by a soft foam that dissolves soon, its fruity aroma gives it the necessary spark to enchant and accompany a flavor with persistent but balanced bitterness that makes it light and refreshing.

Amstel Gold

Beer It is a very special Spanish dark Lager European style beer thanks to its three-stage brewing process: drying, roasting and fire-roasting.

The triple roasted malt gives it a more intense and slightly caramelized aroma, which makes this beer a product of excellent quality.

Brewed with water, barley malt and hop extract, this beer has an alcohol content of 6.4% and a beautiful golden color accompanied by an intense, creamy and persistent white foam in the glass, which leaves clear rings as it is consumed.

Its intense aroma of roasted malt combines perfectly with the fruity notes in the background and its sweet and slightly bitter taste floods the palate, leaving a taste of medium light body and smooth finish that make it a perfect beer that has managed to conquer locals as well as enjoy worldwide recognition.

Ambar Especial

Beer Ambar is a brand of Spanish beers that has a wide range capable of delighting any type of palate, this time its Ambar Especial is a pilsen style lager, versatile and at the same time balanced, it is brewed with water, barley malt and hop extract that give it the perfect touch.

Its alcohol content is registered at 5.2%, it presents an intense golden color which is accompanied by a good-bodied and persistent foam, malt and hop aroma that give it the perfect touch to enjoy it thanks to its sweet malt flavor accompanied by a slight bitterness that has made it enjoy international recognition.

Origin and History of Spanish Beer

Historical records seem to indicate that beer consumption in Spain dates back to prehistoric times, when a kind of brew made from fermented wheat and barley and with a high alcohol content accompanied the inhabitants at that time.

In ancient Rome during the time of Vespasian, reference was made to a drink consumed by the inhabitants of Betica, called celia or ceria in honor of the goddess Ceres.

The Visigoths made the drink their own and with the Arab invasion and the development of the Muslim civilization, consumption was compromised.

History that is present in Spanish culture

Charles I of Spain, V of Germany in the sixteenth century upon his arrival in Spain to be crowned king, brought his master brewers, and these experts contributed to the transfer to Spain the taste for beer.

Later in the 16th century, the first breweries were set up by several master brewers. The arrival of the Industrial Revolution caused rural life to move from the countryside to the city, causing beer consumption to grow.

This prompted breweries to open their doors and the old brewing techniques began to be replaced by industrial cold brewing techniques for the production of low-fermentation beer, thus reaching mass production.

In this century, Spanish consumers have returned to the origin of beer and the way it is produced, so they are looking for more artisanal processes that respect the environment and generate new textures, flavors and aromas capable of surprising and pleasing any palate.

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