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Inicio » White Wine: Delicious flavor that envelops the palate

White Wine: Delicious flavor that envelops the palate

have you tried White Wine? Many wine lovers prefer white wine, its freshness, flavor and aromatic nuances make them versatile and good companions to enjoy with friends.

White wine is a pleasant wine, its characteristics make it a delight that conquers the most demanding palates looking for smoothness and good taste.

what is white wine?

White wine is a fresh, versatile and varied broth whose flavor and aroma give it unique characteristics that make it a perfect drink to enjoy on any occasion, since it can be used as an aperitif or as a perfect companion in the kitchen.

Origin and History of White Wine

Studies indicate that wine dates back more than 7,500 years, and archaeological excavations place the production of wine in the Middle East, in highlands such as Anatolia, and then it was taken to Mesopotamia from the third millennium BC.

A wine that originated centuries ago

In ancient Greece wine had already been developed and used since Hippocrates who prescribed it to his patients, using white wine among his remedies.

The Romans organized banquets where the cost of food was a sign of prestige and wine played a fundamental role. They cultivated the vine and elaborated lighter and less sweet wines that were even provided to the Roman legions as a healthy drink compared to water.

During the Modern Age, the local production of grapevines was booming, so many countries began to cultivate vines from Europe to produce their own white wines as a consequence of the deterioration of imports.

This led to the proliferation of wine in some countries, which turned the cultivation of vines into their main task.

Characteristics of White Wine

White wine is a very fresh wine, in which its flavor and organoleptic qualities make it very special.

  • It is a wine that is characterized by having little contact with the grape skins
  • If the grapes from which it is made are young, the wine will be clearer
  • Hints of nuts, peaches, tropical fruits and citrus can be found
  • It presents few tannins due to the scarce contact with the grape skin
  • Slight fizziness may be found due to CO2 dissolution
  • Depending on the climate in which it is produced, it obtains different flavors and aromas.

Color, flavor and aroma of white wine

White wine is a pleasant wine that can vary in its organoleptic characteristics

  • View: The color of white wine can vary, ranging from transparent to amber, so if the grapes with which it is made are young wine tends to be lighter, while with the maturation of the wine itself in the barrel oxidation and time give it a color that tends to be yellow.
  • Nose: Its aroma can vary according to the grape variety with which it is made, so we can find fruity aromas such as nuts, peaches, tropical fruits and citrus. We can also perceive tones of caramel, vanilla and other spices.
  • Palate: In the palate we can find a sweet to dry wine, but without bitterness, with low tannins, very elegant and fresh.

Alcohol Content of White Wine

White wine is a very fresh and pleasant broth, easy to drink and can accompany any occasion, so it is considered to have low alcohol content, we can find it located between 10% and 12%.

Types of White Wine

White wine is a clear wine with greenish hues, very striking, its ease of drinking makes it a good choice. Some of the best known types of white wine are:


It is the wine in which the characters of youth or called primary predominate, its aromas are usually subtle

Crianza or barrel-aged wines

It is the wine in which after a stay in wooden barrels, it is followed by another period in the bottle so they usually lose the freshness of youth and acquire other sensory characters of tertiary or woody type


This wine has an intermediate aspect but with deeper and differentiating sensory nuances


A wine that has sensory characteristics of great typicity due to its method of elaboration

White Wine Pairing

White wine is a delicious and very pleasant wine that can accompany dishes mainly elaborated with fish or seafood with which its flavor will be fully enhanced.

  • Fish: A perfect combination that enhances the flavors
  • Seafood: Balance and flavor are perfectly combined allowing maximum enjoyment
  • White meats: especially with chicken accompanied by vegetables
  • Rice: A paella, a rice dish or any other dish made with rice goes perfectly with a good glass of white wine
  • Salads: Delicious combination that refreshes the palate
  • Asian cuisine: Natural enhancer of these spicy and spicy dishes
  • Cheeses: Especially with mild cheeses
  • Desserts: Interesting combination that brings out the flavors

how is white wine made?

White wine is usually made mainly with grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Gewürtztraminer, Viognier, Garnacha Blanca, among other vines that give special characteristics to this delicious wine.

Its elaboration process includes a first phase of extraction of the must, which may involve a previous maceration with the skins, followed by the cleaning or racking of the must obtained, and ending with the alcoholic fermentation at low temperature, which is carried out in large stainless steel tanks most of the time, or in smaller capacity barrels in some others.

Characteristics of the grapes used to make White Wine

White wine stands out for its aromatic capacity and its palette of flavors that make a glass a sensory experience on the palate.

Chardonnay grape

A variety that produces very interesting single-varietal wines, powerful, fruity and with high acidity.

  • Small bunch of berries
  • Small berries with yellowish-greenish skin when ripening
  • Vigorous vines
  • Adapts to different types of soils and climates as long as they are not excessively humid
  • Sensitive to spring cold and its shoots have very low fertility, but withstands the rigors of winter well

Chenin Blanc grape

It is a variety that produces very acidic musts, which do not ripen well unless they complete their full vegetative cycle, which is very long.

  • Medium to large clusters
  • Small berries with yellowish green epidermis
  • High vigorous strains
  • It is a variety very sensitive to wood fungi, especially eutypiosis, and also sensitive to powdery mildew, codling moth and gray rot
  • Tolerates drought quite well

Sauvignon Blanc Grape

A grape variety that produces very elegant and balanced dry white wines, with varietal aromas present during its first years.

  • Very compact small cluster size
  • Small berries with green epidermis
  • High vigor and high yielding vines
  • Requires loose, low fertile soils with no tendency to waterlogging
  • Very susceptible to gray bunch rot, eutypiosis and wood fungus complex including tinder

Pinot Grigio Grape

A variety that produces wines of great aromatic complexity.

  • Small to very small cluster size
  • Small berries with thick skin
  • Medium vigorous vines
  • Drought sensitive variety
  • Very sensitive to gray and sour rot

Riesling Grape

It is one of the few varieties that exhibits a characteristic primary aroma, and a grape variety used to produce high quality white wines, very aromatic, structured and elegant with low acidity.

  • Very small and compact cluster size
  • Small sized berries with pale green skin
  • Medium to high vigor strains
  • Adapts well to all types of soils and cropping systems, but prefers poor soils
  • Very susceptible to powdery mildew and moderately susceptible to downy mildew

Gewürtztraminer grape

It is a variety that produces very aromatic and sugary musts, with body and low acidity.

  • Small to very small cluster size
  • Small berries with thick, pinkish-green skins
  • Vigorous vines
  • Very sensitive to drought and ferric chlorosis
  • It is a vigorous variety that prefers deep, clayey soils with weak or moderately vigorous rootstocks

White Wine Temperature

White wine is a very fresh and pleasant wine. It is recommended to be served at a temperature between 7°C and 12°C to appreciate all its organoleptic qualities.

Price and best brands of white wine

White wine is a broth that can be obtained at a very affordable price, its price can range from 3 euros to 200 euros, its quality and delicious flavor make it a favorite of wine lovers.

Blanc Pescador

A pale straw yellow white wine with bright greenish tones, very aromatic with fruity notes that make it light, pleasant and at the same time sparkling 4,32 €.

Enate Chardonnay-234 2018

A pale yellow white wine in which aromas of ripe apple and peach, fennel and exotic fruits such as pineapple or guava emerge, giving it a balanced palate with an acidity that keeps it smooth throughout its passage €7.15.

Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer 2018

A white wine of intense yellow color with bright greenish reflections in which floral aromas stand out, fruity with notes of exotic fruits that make it powerful, expressive but friendly, silky with a long and persistent finish 10,95 €.

El Mago White 2016

A bright yellow wine full of green apple and white stone fruit aromas that give it a long finish with a hint of dried fruit on the palate €11.90.

Domaine Des Valanges Saint-Véran Les Terres Noires 2015

A pale yellow white wine with fresh and elegant aromas of ripe pear followed by hints of lilies and citrus, giving it freshness and making it a well-structured wine with a rich and complex palate €21.90.

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